Love for Liberty

If your ultimate objective is to build a man or woman who understands the nature of freedom, has experienced how to use it, has a deep love for learning and has taken the upper hand in his or her own education, then you would implement systems to meet that objective.

It is the student’s privilege to decide to love learning, to seek after scholarship, to hear the call to engage in worthy causes, and to determine his or her personal mission.

Ensign Peak Academy cultivates a love for liberty in the hearts of its students, in the following ways:

  1. The curriculum is woven with stories, principles, articles, examples, speeches and teachings that honor those who have established liberty, and promote the cause of liberty in our day.
  2. Students may choose to enroll in any number of the courses being taught live each year.
  3. A variety of assignment options are provided for each lesson, to promote student choice.
  4. Many lessons invite students to create their own assignment, based on individual interest.
  5. High school graduation is optional.
  6. Students are supported in making and keeping goals, and in managing their own time.