4th-6th Grade Language Arts

The 4th-6th Grade Language Arts courses include the following components:

  • Nine carefully crafted literature studies.
  • Nine engaging writing projects to help your child develop skills in essay writing, creative writing, public speaking, letter writing, and poetry.
  • Enrolled students receive a personal account on IXL, an online learning software which teaches and reinforces foundational Language Arts skills.
  • Enrolled students receive a personal typing.com account.

Ensign Peak Academy’s Language Arts courses may be taken either independently or enrolled.

Friendship, Nature Landscape, Outdoor, Adventure

For the 4th-6th Grade program, Ensign Peak Academy provides:

  • A caring mentor (enrolled students only)
  • Suggested schedule and pacing guide
  • Access to our carefully designed lessons in Canvas, our online learning management system, with step-by-step lessons
  • Nine literature studies, each comprising four weeks of study.  Literature studies include discussion questions, assignments and activities for each book. Literature studies use a variety of tools to facilitate discussion between mentors and students.
  • Nine writing projects, one for each four weeks of school, with step-by-step instructions and videos made for your child.
  • Suggested enrichment activities
  • Family read-aloud suggestions
  • Monthly individual mentor meetings. (enrolled students only)
  • One monthly book club, for the month’s book study, typically held on the 3rd Wednesdays.  The book club includes discussion and an activity. (enrolled students only)

For the 4th-6th Grade courses, parents provide:

  • Daily accountability and support
  • Access to a computer or tablet (Visit our Technology page for complete details.)
  • Materials necessary to complete the activities and assignments, including any needed books.
  • Access to the Zoom meeting platform and headphones with microphone (enrolled students only) (Visit our Technology page for complete details.)
  • Reinforcement of good online etiquette
  • Suggested enrichment opportunities
  • Lots of love!
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4th-6th Grade Literature and Writing courses are divided into three schedules, each named after a type of adventurer. Schedules may be taken in any order. For the 2021-2022 school year, Book Club will follow the Trailblazers literature list. To learn more about the literature and writing projects included in each schedule click the links below:

Trailblazers Literature and Writing Studies (Available 2021-2022)

Voyagers Literature and Writing Studies (Future Release)

Pathfinders Literature and Writing Studies (Future Release)