Clubs for Middle and High School Students

All Ensign Peak Academy middle and high school students in both the Live and Self-Paced Programs are invited to join any of the following clubs:

checkmate-1511866_640Chess Club

Day and Time: Weekly on Fridays from 2:30 – 3:30 pm Mountain Time

No Charge

The chess club holds various types of chess tournaments, on

Join by using the link in the Student Center.

Chess Club President: Hiram Crossley

shutterstock_278558111_youth study homework_mediumBook Club

Day and Time:  Monthly on the Last Monday of each month, 2:00 – 2:30 pm Mountain time.

No Charge

We meet each month to discuss a book!  We will vote on books to read, so we love hearing suggestions, and ask that you please send you requests. We will insure all books are a good fit for the Ensign Peak Academy Mission Statement. We hope to see you each month and discuss all of the wonderful books that are in store.
We we encourage you put your school work first. If you might not have the time to read the book during the day, an idea is to wake up 15 – 20 min. early to read our book.
Join by using the link in the Student Center.
Book Club President: Emma Crabtree

evening-1777352_640Yearbook Club

Day and Time: Weekly on Tuesdays, 12:15 – 12:45 pm Mountain Time

Starts Sept 10, 2019

No Charge

Things we will do in Yearbook Club:
1. Decide on the cover of the Yearbook
2. Choose (by vote) on the layout design
3. Create a layout (2 page spread)  that will go into the Yearbook for everyone to see
4. Help gather photos
5. Learn layout design principles on an easy-to-use program
6. Learn photography tips from a professional photographer
7. Learn tips from a computer graphics design professional
8. Take photos for the Yearbook
9. Work with each other during the Club and outside of the Club to create the Yearbook
10. Work on a project that will be a memory and a keepsake for all Ensign Peak Students
11. Hang out with your friends outside of class!
The Yearbook program we will be using is from a website called Go ahead and check it out. This yearbook company is extremely flexible and customizable. It’s inexpensive (we’ll have a set cost for the Yearbook in a few weeks). It’s easy for non-Yearbook Club students to upload their photos. Students in Yearbook Club will be able to access more of the Yearbook, especially the layouts (pages) they are working on. If you’ve ever worked on an online photobook, like Shutterfly, you’ll see how similar it is to that process…just designed specifically for Yearbooks.
Join this club by clicking the link in your Student Center.
Yearbook Club Advisor: Sheri Albee

typewriter-2095754_640Authors Club

Starting August 22, 2019, join anytime

Day and Time: Weekly on Thursdays, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Club Fee: $20 per month or $180 lump sum

Everyone has a great idea for a story. Everyone wants to write a novel. Everyone thinks that being a writer would be the most delicious of all fates.
And then no one actually writes.
The truth is that there’s only one way to be a writer, and that is to write stuff. There’s only one way to become a good writer, too, and that’s to write more stuff. But the best writers edit, revise, and publish. That’s what this club does. Access real writing skill from professional authors and editors, and see your story in print.
Join by using the fee tool in your Student Center.
Chris Headshot
Authors Club Advisor: Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones (alias Mr. C) has for several years taught classes on history, civics, and Defense Against the Dark Arts both on- and off-line as part of the growing private/homeschool movement. This will be his third year teaching full time. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Classics (Roman History) and minors in English and History, and has a lifetime in politics—including running a presidential campaign–to go with acting, singing, and writing. A sought-after speaker on education and history, he is also a working writer, with four published books, dozens of articles and essays, and a long-running popular blog. Mr. C resides in Lehi, UT with his wife Mrs. C, their eight children, two cats, and a growing flock of free-range finches.


cock-2522623_640Homestead Club

For students and their family members of all ages!

Day and Time: Monthly on the Last Wednesday of each month, 2:00 – 3:00 pm Mountain Time (Starts Sept 25th)

Cost: $5 per month or $50 lump sum (per family)

Join by using the fee tool in the Student Center

“If you have an itch to learn to live a more DIY lifestyle, then this is the group for you!  What is a DIY/homesteading lifestyle?  I’m so glad you asked!  Homesteading and DIY living places an emphasis on learning to do for yourself (the DIY part) in many areas of your life.
  • Love to eat food and want to eat in a yummier, healthier way?  Then learn to create Word of Wisdom worthy meals in your own kitchen.
  • Interested in growing more of your own food?  Or herbs?  You can learn to do that, too!
  • Curious what it’s like to collect eggs from your own chickens?  Or milk from your own goat?  Youth are a perfect fit for many small farm livestock animals.
  • What about natural crafts and gift-making for the holidays throughout the year?  Yes, even the boys will find items they can make!
  • Simply want to be more prepared for the times in which you live?  How spiritually savvy of you – we can help!
Join us for a low-pressure, high-fun meeting once a month throughout the school year as we explore all the above topics and more.  These topics aren’t just for adults!  As Last Days kids, you are spiritually hard-wired to learn and do and bless others with your service.  These attributes are at the heart of a homesteading lifestyle and we’ll show each other how as we move through the calendar.  Following the seasons and holidays throughout the year, we’ll cover details on:
  • Apples and pumpkins – which means discussions on everyone’s favorite topic: food!
  • Preparing for the holidays well in advance with hand-crafted items like soap, herbal gifts, preserved foods, toys and much more.
  • Ever heard of Pancake Day?  Well, you will this year, as well as all you need to know to get started with sourdough and healthy grain recipes.
  • Not to be missed is the month we cover natural dyes for food, fiber and crafts.  Ever dyed and Easter egg with onion skins?  This is your year to try it!
  • Starting your own garden is a straight-forward DIY with simple steps, performed in order to produce the results you want.  Plus, gardening is just, plain fun!  We’ll go from seed to sprout to produce together.
  • Our last spring class will focus on babies – chicks, ducklings, kits, kids and even baby bees!
  • Last, but not least, join us in May for homesteading/DIY take on preparing for Simulations Week!  What do homesteading and a DIY lifestyle have to do with this unique experience?  Even if you’re unable to attend Simulations Week in 2020, you won’t want to miss this last club meeting of the year!  More details to follow…”

Tessa ZundelHomestead Club Advisor: Tessa Zundel, aka “The Homestead Lady”

Tessa Zundel is the homemaking, homesteading, homeschooling mother of five small children and wife to one long-suffering man.  She currently lives on 15 acres in the wilds of Missouri.  She is an advanced master gardener and has worked with several community groups in areas of home education, gardening and seed saving.  She is also the author of The Do It Yourself Homestead, as well as several other e-publications including, Herbs in the Bathtub.  She is also the voice behind the homestead-family-building blog, Homestead Lady.

Most days you’ll find her hauling her good natured, adventuresome children around to learn about herbs, small farm livestock, fiber and other lost arts, whole foods and home education.  There’s always something being tinctured, fermented, built or milked around here – just ask the long-suffering man!  To find out what her latest project is, pop on over to Homestead Lady You can also find her on Pinterest.  If you’re on Facebook, be sure to check out The Do It Yourself Homestead Group – a great forum for newbie and seasoned homesteaders alike!