Elementary Clubs

Every child benefits from interaction with a caring mentor. New for 2021-2022, we are please to announce a full schedule of online elementary clubs as part of our enrolled courses. The clubs are carefully aligned with content from each unit, literature and writing study to enhance learning in new and engaging ways.

Clubs will take place most Wednesdays between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm Mountain Time. Final schedules will be determined based on enrollment. As always, clubs are optional and do not affect student grades.

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Club Offerings 2021-2022

Adventurers Club (Grades K-6)

Adventure, Treasure Map, Old World Map, Compass

This club focuses on the content of Ensign Peak Academy Unit Studies providing enrichment and depth to the topics studied. Students have a chance to showcase what they have learned while diving deeper on a few subjects. Each club meeting provides additional instruction and an extension activity. Common household supplies may be needed for some meetings. A list will be provided well in advance.

Book Club (Grades 4-6)

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Every 4 weeks, enrolled students have an opportunity to visit with other students and mentors to discuss the recent Literature Study book. Students will participate in meaningful discussions, make connections to the gospel and their lives, and enjoy a hands-on project.

Code Club (Grades 4-6)

You are invited to join the Ensign Peak Academy Code Club! Have you ever wondered how your favorite games, apps, and social platforms work? We are starting a code club to teach you. In Code Club we are all about learning how to understand and create our own software. Instead of copying someone else’s work, you will be able to create your own as well as understand other code that you see. This means that at the beginning of Code Club you will learn some basic steps and review some guides to help you when you get stuck. Most of all, you will have fun and enjoy creating things. We are going to begin by using scratch a free program created by MIT to teach coding. We may progress to other platforms as the school year progresses. This club will generally be held every other week.

Elementary Art Club (Grades K-3 and Grades 4-6)

Come be part of our art club and join our wonderful team as they teach you some innovative art techniques with fun projects! Club member families will be notified in advance of the materials needed for each meeting. Art activities are divided into two levels to give specific experiences to younger children that are generally different from those of older children. You will learn about some of the elements and principles of art as you work through these activities. Caring mentors will make this club fun and engaging. We encourage parent participation in these projects as well:


The Grades K-3 art club is designed to give students an opportunity to experiment and explore ideas in a creative environment, beyond what is taught in classes. Every 4 weeks, students will be able come together online and make art, mostly with materials they have at home. Students may choose to work independently or collaborate with others. They will also have the opportunity to show their work online.


The Grades 4-6 art club allows students to explore ideas with a variety of media and skill. Students will learn through their manipulation of materials and concepts, adding depth to their artistic knowledge. They will have the opportunity of learning independently as well as learning from each other. In general, families should be able to use common household materials, but if something new would enhance the project, families will be notified about those options in advance. Students will have the opportunity of showing their work online.

Club offerings subject to change based on enrollment and mentor availability.