Private Tutoring

We are delighted to offer the Ensign Peak Academy Private Tutoring service for our middle and high school students. You may meet with your tutor as often as needed, to support your learning. We offer tutoring for a variety of needs. Please review the options below.

Meet Private Tutor Mike Cluff

Michael C Cluff Photo

Mike Cluff offers tutoring in writing and general school work management. He supports students directly and loves working with students who need extra help with English and students who love to write and want someone to discuss their writing and how to improve.

In high school, a nutty New Yorker told Mike he might actually be good at writing. That crazy idea led Mike to college, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Creative Writing. It was in college where a crusty ol’ Chicagoan taught Mike the power of editing and revision. In tearing apart stories, Mike began learning what actually makes a great story. Teaching about writing isn’t just something Mike enjoys, it is a passion and a debt he owes to to his past mentors. Mike is a self-proclaimed geek–he loves fantasy and science fiction, board games, Minecraft, woodworking, and cooking. He loves playing games and watching movies with his wife and four kids. He lives in Caldwell, Idaho.

Oh…and meet Mike’s alter-ego “Michael”…in a stare-down with writer’s block. Yeah…he knows how to put writer’s block in its place!

Meet Private Tutor Jennifer Barr

Jennifer Barr graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with her Bachelor’s in University Studies with an emphasis in Business Management and has an Associates in Environmental Economics. She has a broad knowledge of marketing, accounting, education, human resources, and project management, which she has used throughout her career as a small business owner, substitute teacher and most recently as Director of her local library. Additionally, she is an active volunteer in her community, serving on local government committees, and in organizations such as the local food pantry, American Legion, Boy Scouts of America, as a wildlife rehabilitator and more. Jennifer has also volunteered for 20 years as a reading tutor, substituted at her local schools, and helped as a homeschool teacher for her extended family. She has always loved reading, learning, and the written word and has helped to foster a love of these things in others, as well.

Jennifer resides in Middleton, Idaho and is happily surrounded by her family and pets. She has four children and two grandchildren (with one more on the way). When not working, Jennifer can be seen curling up with a good book, spending time with her family in the great outdoors, gardening, and actively volunteering in her church and community. She is excited to join the students of Ensign Peak Academy on their learning journey.

How to Purchase Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions must be purchased prior to setting up your tutoring appointments. You may purchase any number of sessions on the Tuition webpage, as often as you like. Each 30-minute session is $20. 

How to Sign up for a Tutoring Session

After purchasing tutoring sessions, you’ll be enrolled in the tutoring service in Canvas where you will be able to access the sign-up sheet.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes you won’t be able to keep your tutoring appointments. To honor our tutors’ schedules, 24-hour written notice is required to cancel an appointment without charge. You will be charged for a missed appointment without this notice. Please use the Canvas Inbox to let your tutor know that you will not be keeping an appointment. Please also remove your name from the appointment time slot on the sign up sheet.