Private Tutoring

We are delighted to offer the Ensign Peak Academy Private Tutoring service for our middle and high school students. You may meet with your tutor as often as needed, to support your learning. We offer tutoring for a variety of needs. Please review the options below.

Meet English Tutor Heather Burton


Heather Burton offers English tutoring and support with time management and goal setting. She assists students directly with improving their writing and English skills, getting caught up on school work in general and learning how to stay on top of future school work.

Heather Burton earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with Distinction from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada in 1989, eight months after her first child was born. She served as a supply teacher for several years while her husband finished law school, then happily embarked on 25 glorious, adventure-filled, busy years as a full-time mother to eight sons and one daughter, homeschooling all the way.

During this time, Heather organized and nurtured a number of learning communities, both for homeschoolers and avid self-educators. She enjoyed speaking opportunities on topics related to leadership education, personal and family development, and educational reform. Heather has written extensively on these and other topics, publishing many articles online.

For the past seven years, Heather has taught in a public alternative school, currently working with students in Grades One through Nine. Her primary subject area is English Language Arts, although she has developed and taught classes in all core subject areas. She loves to help struggling readers and writers find their way to confidence.

In the spaces between work and homecare, Heather practices permaculture, meditates with art supplies, develops current writing projects, and treasures time with family and friends, especially out of doors. She lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills in Alberta, Canada.

Meet English Tutor Mike Cluff

Michael C Cluff Photo

Mike Cluff offers tutoring in writing and general school work management. He supports students directly and loves working with students who need extra help with English and students who love to write and want someone to discuss their writing and how to improve.

In high school, a nutty New Yorker told Mike he might actually be good at writing. That crazy idea led Mike to college, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Creative Writing. It was in college where a crusty ol’ Chicagoan taught Mike the power of editing and revision. In tearing apart stories, Mike began learning what actually makes a great story. Teaching about writing isn’t just something Mike enjoys, it is a passion and a debt he owes to to his past mentors. Mike is a self-proclaimed geek–he loves fantasy and science fiction, board games, Minecraft, woodworking, and cooking. He loves playing games and watching movies with his wife and four kids. He lives in Caldwell, Idaho.

Oh…and meet Mike’s alter-ego “Michael”…in a stare-down with writer’s block. Yeah…he knows how to put writer’s block in its place!

How to Purchase Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions must be purchased prior to setting up your tutoring appointments. You may purchase any number of sessions on the Tuition webpage, as often as you like. Each 30-minute session is $20. 

How to Sign up for a Tutoring Session

After purchasing tutoring sessions, you’ll be enrolled in the tutoring service in Canvas where you will be able to access the sign-up sheet.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes you won’t be able to keep your tutoring appointments. To honor our tutors’ schedules, 24-hour written notice is required to cancel an appointment without charge. You will be charged for a missed appointment without this notice. Please use the Canvas Inbox to let your tutor know that you will not be keeping an appointment. Please also remove your name from the appointment time slot on the sign up sheet.