Family Centered Education IN-PERSON SEMINARS

Diann Jeppson Portrait 2017Moms and Dads – I want to help you to become truly great teachers and mentors for your children.


The Family Centered Education Seminar

An exciting 2-day workshop experience

Presented by Diann Jeppson (Read Bio Here)

As a long time family education coach, I am dedicated to helping your family enjoy a full, rich learning adventure, whether you chose to homeschool or enroll the children in school.

I’ve created this powerful and life-changing 2-day, workshop-style seminar for moms and dads who want to take their family’s education to the next level. And you are invited!

What Does the Seminar Look Like?

For many of us, our minds grasp ideas best when they are put into a diagram – so I’ve created this graphic to help you see how the Family Centered Education seminar parts fit together:

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The Family Centered Education Seminar covers each area in this diagram, with clear explanations, examples, stories, and workshop activities to help you create family centered education in your home.

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of parents. In addition, I’ve listening carefully to the comments and questions of Family Centered Education seminar attendees, in dozens of seminar settings, throughout the US and Canada.

This seminar represents the ideas and input of many parents, collected through surveys, focus groups, seminar comments, and of course more interviews. I am happy to report that dozens of improvements have been included in the current seminar, thanks to the input of parents who have attended the seminar and used my online Family Centered Education Course. I want you to benefit from it too.

Visit the 2019 Seminars Page for seminar dates and locations, the detailed seminar agenda, and to register.