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Math Inspirations helps parents become great mentors and students become great thinkers.  At Math Inspirations,  we believe math is the tool to train our brains to create, to observe and conjecture, to think and discover.

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hardy-family-pics 710I just wanted to let you know how invigorating your parent course has been for me and your games and logic training have been for our whole family. 

 I began exploring Math Inspirations after being introduced this summer to Paul Lockhart’s “Mathematicians Lament.” It resonated with me, and I began looking for something to revitalize our math approach of my last four years of homeschool. Your curriculum offers my family and me such an exciting opportunity to discover the music and artistry, the elegance and playfulness, the frustration and supreme satisfaction that can be REAL math.

 My boys and I LOVE playing together in our game book. I love our logic training puzzles! My eight-year-old son inevitably beats me, but I won’t let him give me any hints until I have struggled, taken breaks, come back, and finally broken through to my own discovery. The experience intoxicates me and keeps me coming back for more. My relationship with my boys is growing stronger as we play more together. And I am growing so much through the parent course readings! If it appears that I am moving sluggishly through my class, it is only because I have read Stuart Brown’s Play and I am listening to Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers. What a fantastic stretch this is offering me to lay down my diminished habits and develop the practices of one who creates and multiplies genius! Our family councils, I hope, will never be the same! I have the other readings on order at our library, and I can’t wait to juice them for everything they’re worth.

 I went into this anticipating an improvement to our math curriculum. But what I am receiving is a personal metamorphosis in my ability to parent! Now I am pursuing this course as a means to develop my personal ability to embrace life’s challenges, rather than run from them; to define and seed the opportunity in my difficulties and to logically, creatively reason and test solutions. Who knew a math class could teach parenting, leadership, and self reliance?! I just couldn’t be more thrilled. And then your personal touch yesterday, hand written card and everything, just iced this scrumptious cake for me.” – Sheralee, Alberta, Canada

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Math Inspirations Authors

Math Inspirations is brought to you by Joe and Emily Dyke:

Dyke Family

Math Inspirations vs. Traditional Math:

For a full, more detailed explanation of how Math Inspirations compares to other math curriculum, visit:

Math Inspirations Discovery Method vs. Traditional Math

Traditional math programs (such as Saxon, Right Start, Math U See, Khan, Life Of Fred, Teaching Textbooks) directly teach the student via video, book, online program vocabulary definitions, math concepts and procedures. Students memorize the program’s definitions, conceptual modeling, solving steps and rules for each math principle. After repetitive practice, students regurgitate what they have memorized on a quiz or test and then move on.

With Math Inspirations, students experience the exact opposite. There are no examples, no videos and no given definitions. Instead, students are given the tools and training to literally discover each definition, concept and mathematical procedure on their own. There is no memorization of someone else’s methods or understanding. Instead, students use the scientific method to create their own definitions and steps through problem solving and observations and then test their ideas to prove them true.

Math Game 2

Mathematics is an innately creative and discovery-based process. All math understanding is founded upon very simple laws and truths. This means that all of math can be discovered and created using our unique individual ability to think logically and problem solve. All mathematical truths have been discovered. No one sat down with Newton and taught him: “here’s how you do calculus.” He studied. He observed. He struggled. He hypothesized. He experimented. He failed. And then he discovered. All of our students can, and will, if given the opportunity, discover, on their own and in their own way, every mathematical truth, rule and procedure. No longer is the textbook or the online program or the teacher or the parent the “all-knowing math authority,” that the student is 100% dependent upon, the student can now become their own authority.

We’ve created the Discovery Method, which is based on the principles of the scientific method: students observe patterns, hypothesize rules, test their working-hypothesis, prove their own theorems, and record their findings in their own math journal. When they need help or forget a rule later on, they look to their own record as the authority. Now, they own their knowledge! They are their own math authority. They have become self-reliant.

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Math Inspirations Membership Includes:

For complete details on pricing, see:

Math Inspirations Pricing

35% Discount for Ensign Peak Academy Students!

Ensign Peak Academy students receive a 35% discount on all Math Inspirations products and services.

To obtain this discount, students must use the Math Inspirations link located in the Student Centers. Access to the Student Center is provided to all registered families/students.

Ensign Peak Academy Students are defined as any K-12 student who is enrolled in any non-math course or unit study, or any family who is using any unit study independently.

If a student withdraws from Ensign Peak Academy, they continue to enjoy the products that were already purchased, but the 35% discount will not apply to future purchases.

Parent TrainingCreating Mathematical Minds parent training course:

Simply put, we want parents to become amazing mentors for their students. Our Creating Mathematical Minds parent course will help you become a powerful mentor, learn how to use the curriculum and know how to get started with your student.

Unit 2 Basic OperationsUnit 2: Basic Operations:

Our K-8 student curriculum has one purpose: build your student into a confident, powerful thinker and problem-solver. You’ll have forever, unlimited access and use of Unit 2: Basic Operations which uses our Discovery Method to train your student to think and to discover addition, subtraction, multiplication, factoring and division on their own.

Purchase CurriculumLifetime Access:

As a Math Inspirations member, you will have unlimited, forever access to the parent training course and any and all the curriculum you purchase. There is no monthly or annual subscription. Once you purchase a curriculum unit, you own it and you can print and use the PDF’s for all the children in your family.

Logic TrainingLogic Puzzles:

Our brains are like our muscles, strength comes from consistent, focused effort that pushes you to your limits. You’ll get access to our Logic Puzzle Starter Pack for you and your kids to help grow their confidence and thinking. You’ll also get access to purchase additional logic puzzle books.

Jam SessionsJam Sessions:

As a member, you’ll have forever access to our weekly, live online office hours called Jam Sessions and all past recordings. Each week Emily gives a 15-20 minute training and then opens the time up for Q&A to help you through your specific family’s needs and questions.


You’ll get our games book Hands On Math which includes over 40+ games that are simple to play and are focused entirely on logical thinking. These games are great for your pre-K students and can be made challenging enough for even your oldest student.

Facebook CommunityFacebook Community:

You’ll have access to our private Facebook parent community to share your struggles and successes and get insights and help from other families who use Math Inspirations in their homes.


Email SupportEmail Support:

When you join Math Inspirations, you become part of our worldwide Math Inspirations family. You’ll have access to our Help Center and direct email and phone support forever. We’ll support you the whole journey.

K-8 Student Curriculum

Get a detailed inside look at the curriculum units by visiting…

Math Inspirations – How it Works


Math Inspirations members have unlimited, forever access to Unit 2: Basic Operations downloadable and printable PDF’s and any additional units you purchase.

Our curriculum is topic based and though it was not designed for any national standards, it exceeds all national and state standards.

Unit 1: Number Sense – Numbers, shapes, measurement and data, place value and comparisons

Unit 2: Basic Operations – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, factoring and division of whole numbers

Unit 3: Fractions – Understanding fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions

Unit 4: Advanced Numbers – Decimal numbers, operations with decimal numbers, percents, integers, operations with integers

Unit 5: Geometry – Fundamentals of geometry, perimeter, area, surface area, volume, visual perceptibility, coordinate plane, transformations

Unit 6: Measurement – Estimating amounts, units, ratios and proportions, time

Unit 7: Advanced Operations – Order of operations, variables, exponents, scientific notation, factorials

Unit 8: Statistics And Probability – Sampling and experiments, probability, data analysis, displaying data, pre-algebra

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the membership?

A Math Inspirations membership includes unlimited, forever access to our parent training course Creating Mathematical Minds, Unit 2: Basic Operations, our Hands On Math games book, Starter Pack of logic puzzles, Jam Sessions (weekly online office hours), email support. Logic puzzle books and additional curriculum units are purchased separately.

 Is this a parent training course or a student curriculum?

Yes and yes.  Creating Mathematical Minds is a parent training course designed to help homeschool parents make the shift away from traditional mathematical teaching to a student-focused, student-driven, and student-created math experience focused on true problem solving and discovery.  Math Inspirations has also created a Discovery Method based curriculum (including video tutorials and student workbooks) for students k-8 that is available to alumni of the Creating Mathematical Minds parent training course.

Is the parent training required?

Yes. The Math Inspirations Discovery Method is so different from our experiences with traditional math that we all need some guidance in how to become the best mentor we can for our children and how to use the curriculum successfully. A great curriculum demands a great mentor in order for it to be a great student experience. In other words, it starts with you!

How much are additional curriculum units and logic puzzle books?

There are 8 curriculum units, including Unit 1: Number Sense, Unit 2: Basic Operations, Unit 3: Fractions, Unit 4: Advanced Numbers, Unit 5: Geometry, Unit 6: Measurement, Unit 7: Advanced Operations and Unit 8: Statistics And Probability. Each curriculum includes forever, unlimited access to downloadable PDF’s and each unit is $54 (except Unit 2 which is included in your membership). All logic puzzle books are $52 and include forever, unlimited access to downloadable PDF’s of the books.

What ages of kids is the curriculum for?

We’ve created a curriculum that will take students from the very beginnings of number sense and counting all the way through what is traditionally called beginning algebra, corresponding roughly to a pre-kindergarten through grade 8 education. The curriculum is not designed for but does exceed all national and state standards.

Are there renewal fees for the membership?

No, the Math Inspirations membership is a one-time purchase as are purchases of additional curriculum units and logic puzzle books. Payment plans are offered for the initial membership purchase but not for additional curriculum units nor logic puzzle books.

Why is Unit 2 included and not the other units?

First, the parent training course Creating Mathematical Minds uses Unit 2: Basic Operations to train you in using the curriculum. Second, most families will start with Unit 2 with their students. Unit 1: Number Sense is designed for beginning math students and includes activities and tasks to learn counting, number sense, place value and comparisons of values. If you plan to start with Unit 1, you can purchase it through your account once you sign up for a membership.

What is the refund policy?

We offer full refunds of the initial Math Inspirations membership purchase within 60 days. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. We can part as friends, no hassles. However, because curriculum units and logic puzzle books are downloadable PDF’s, we do not offer refunds on these purchases.

For additional questions and answer about pricing, visit:

Math Inspirations Pricing

Math Game 1

Math Inspirations Info Webinar

Is your homeschool math program just making calculators out of your kids? If so, why are they memorizing math rules and procedures or even studying math at all if they have actual calculators that can do everything they’re being taught?

The hard truth is, we don’t need human calculators any more, We need thinkers, observers, creative problem solvers, people who confidently discover truth and can communicate with clarity. We believe math can be used as a tool to do all of that. It can be a playing field to train our students to think independent of an instructor, discover truth and communicate their reasoning in clear and original ways.

Joe and Emily Dyke have worked with hundreds of families across the world who are thriving in this new approach to math. For them, math has become an engaging and powerful part of their homeschooling. They’ve learned to unlock the potential that mathematics has to teach their children how to think and communicate and become confident, self-reliant problem solvers. So if you think to yourself:

    • I am worried that my kids are behind in math.
    • I’m not sure I know math, so how am I supposed to teach it?
    • I am sick of sending my kids off with workbooks.
    • I wish my kids didn’t dread doing math.
    • I wish I didn’t dread math time.
    • My kids are doing the work, but are they really learning to think?

Then this presentation is for you. Come learn how you can do this in your home. It’s time to create the math program you really want.

Attend a live, interactive informational webinar:

  • Thursday, June 27th at 7:00 pm Mountain Time
  • Wednesday, Wednesday July 17, 7:00 pm Mountain Time
  • Saturday, August 17th, 9:00 am Mountain Time

Please join the webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You can also dial in using your phone. 
United States: +1 (408) 650-3123 

Access Code: 970-712-933 

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