Mentor Interview Video: Carolyn Marriott

Carolyn Marriott is our Spanish mentor. Hear why she loves teaching her subject!

I love teaching Spanish because it is a beautiful language. It’s kind of in my blood. 
My Dad worked for the State Department and then as a professor of Spanish at BYU, so we had lots of opportunities to travel. We spent some time in Spain. We also visited Latin America. All of my siblings speak Spanish. I love it!
Spanish is beautiful. Latin America has a vibrant, colorful, warm culture. Many people are familiar with its music and its dance. The people are so friendly.

I appreciate being able to teach Spanish. At Ensign Peak Academy, we use Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish. It provides an immersion-type experience. Students listen to, speak, and write Spanish. I even love the grammar. I tend to focus on the grammar. Maybe I’m a grammar nerd but I really like that aspect of it.

Spanish is relatively easy as far as languages go. It’s a good starter language actually. In my humble opinion, we should all know at least one, if not several foreign languages. Spanish is an especially good to study because it’s related to a lot of other languages, such as Italian and French.

Hear why Carolyn loves teaching at Ensign Peak Academy!

I love teaching for Ensign Peak Academy! Diann Jeppson is an exceptional person. She’s a visionary she has created such a wonderful culture. Our school is very friendly, open and flexible. It is a growing community. I’ve never a student who wasn’t amazing.

One thing that I especially appreciate is being able to incorporate stories from my mission into my teaching. I served a mission in Argentina. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a big part of my life, so I’m glad to be able to talk about that. That’s a big deal for me.

Ensign Peak Academy provided a student trip to Guatemala, which was a great avenue for learning Spanish. It was a wonderful opportunity to see a different country and to give service to others. It’s a pleasure to be associated with so many great people who are part of this school.

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