2019 Simulations Week Mentors and Sim Team

Meet the terrific men, women and youth who will lead the 2019 event.

Producer and “Columbia” (Head Mentor)

Diann Jeppson Portrait 2017Diann Jeppson

Diann Jeppson is devoted to creating fulfilling learning experiences for students. Diann’s experience includes 18 years as producer of Simulations Week and 23 years as producer of the Liberty Girls program (history-based experiential learning for children) and 5 years experience teaching and directing American Youth Leadership Institute, a youth civics education organization. Diann has fulfilled numerous speaking engagements at home education conferences and seminars in the US and Canada. She has chaired four non-profit educational organizations and has 10+ years experience as a parliamentary procedure consultant and trainer. Diann enjoyed performing for 8 years in a family bluegrass ensemble called “The Wildflowers” (guitar and vocals). She and her husband Adam live on a 2.5 acre homestead in Mount Pleasant, a small Central-Utah town in a secluded high-mountain desert valley. Adam is the town gunsmith. Adam and Diann have four delightful daughters, two handsome sons-in-law and six terrific little grandchildren.



Chris HeadshotChris Jones

Christopher Jones (alias Mr. C) has for several years taught classes on history, civics, and Defense Against the Dark Arts both on- and off-line as part of the growing private/homeschool movement. This will be his third year teaching full time. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Classics (Roman History) and minors in English and History, and has a lifetime in politics—including running a presidential campaign–to go with acting, singing, and writing. A sought-after speaker on education and history, he is also a working writer, with four published books, dozens of articles and essays, and a long-running popular blog. Mr. C resides in Lehi, UT with his wife Mrs. C, their eight children, two cats, and a growing flock of free-range finches.


Tang Dynasty

Carolyn MarriottCarolyn Marriott

Carolyn Marriott has a passion for learning and teaching. Besides homeschooling her own seven children since 1993, she has years of experience teaching youth in church and academic settings. Recognizing the value of contributing to and gaining from a community, she and her children have participated in homeschool groups in Washington and Utah where she has taught a variety of topics from Spanish, to U.S. History, to Economics. Currently, she serves as chair of Lighthouse Commonwealth of Iron County.

Carolyn has traveled in Chile, Central America, Europe, Canada, Argentina, and the United States, broadening her appreciation for the beautiful world and its people. She served a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and received a BA in Spanish from Brigham Young University.

Currently, Carolyn lives with her husband and youngest daughter, Lizzy, in their historic home in Beaver, Utah. She loves gardening, eating chocolate ice cream, reading, going on long walks; and she now understands why grandparents brag about their grandkids so much.


Joseph RamirezJoseph Ramirez

Joseph Ramirez was born in the right century, because this century has access to all of the other centuries. A self-taught historian, driven novelist, and enthusiastic teacher, Joseph is excited to participate in Simulations Week.
Joseph served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Atlanta, Georgia. For a small-town Idaho boy used to potato fields, mountains, and rural roads, metropolitan Atlanta was about as foreign as it gets. He quickly connected with the South and the many cultures from all over the world, and he still gets caught saying ‘yes, ma’am’, ‘yes, sir’, and ‘yall’.
Joseph has been working at a charter school for the past three years. When he’s not teaching, you’ll often find him at the local library, researching and writing his next book. In his off time, he enjoys vintage swing dancing, learning historical skills, shooting firearms, playing his guitar, and making things with his hands.
Joseph resides in Provo, UT, in a cozy apartment filled with bookshelves, art, and a workbench with creative projects in various stages of completion. Accompanying him is his faithful guitar, Petunia, and the friendly garden snails that come out on his walk when it rains.


Untitled design (2)Quiana Chase

If there is any one word that describes Quiana Chase, it is Dreamer. Not only because she likes to sleep (A lot!) or because she’s really good at daydreaming when she should be paying attention, but because she believes in the future of people. She also loves to go on adventures and play pretend, preferably both at the same time. Quiana is in love with life and everything that comes with it. She enjoys writing novels, reading novels, running her mentoring company, and being a hopeless romantic.

Sim Team


Eden ReinwandEden Reinwand

Eden loves Sim Week so much that this will be her seventh year attending and her second time being on Sim Team. Aside from going to Sim Week, Eden’s other interests include singing, dancing, musical theater, reading, playing the piano, whistling to her sister’s parakeet, and taking the ACT a ridiculous amount of times. Eden will be 17 by Sim Week and therefore very dateable. She is so excited to play the role of a scientist this year and she can’t wait to see you there!



Johathan NeelJonathan Neel

If I could describe myself using only 3 words, they would be Sarcastic, Realistic and Ambitious. My name is Jonathan Neel. I have been raised in Riverton, Utah, and have been homeschooled all my life. This is my 5th time coming to Simulations Week and 3rd time serving on the Sim Team.

You can usually find me gaming, reading or doing speech and debate. I love most types of games whether its board games, card games or my favorite, Video Games. I read many different genres of books, but my favorite books are about Batman since I am quite the Batman fanatic. I have done speech and debate for 4 years and have been a TA in 2 classes for 2 years.

If I could recommend any event for you to partake in this summer, I would have you come to Simulations Week. Hands down it is one of the most fun and personally transformative experiences you could possibly have.



Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson








Hannah GreenmanHannah Greenman, playing the part of a Roman Consul

Hello! I’m excited to meet each of this year’s attendees and find out what they love to do. I love doing things outside such as skiing, swimming, climbing, and hiking. I have loved going to past simulations. They always have a great sense of belonging, while teaching great lessons in how to manage things. I am so excited to be part of Sim Team this year because I will be part of planning all of the amazing opportunities that you will participate in!


Tang Dynasty

Gareth MillsapGareth Millsap, Playing the part of Emperor Xuanzong

Hello there! This is my second year on the Sim Team. I’m 18 years old, an EMT student, and an absolute pizza fiend. I enjoy martial arts, rock climbing, parkour, singing, and playing musical instruments. I play the guitar, cello, bass and piano. I’m super excited to be able to play this role at sim week this year, and I can’t wait to wake up at 5:00 am every morning to meditate and practice Tai Chi and Wushu.

Tang Dynasty

Kessa ServossKessa Servoss, Playing the part of a member of the royal court

HI!!!!! I am so excited to meet you, yes you! This is my 2nd year on the Sim Team and my third year of Sim Week. I am 18 years old, I love dancing, singing, writing, and photography! 
If I had a million dollars today, I would use it to travel the world and help as many people as I could. I love Sim Week because it gives me an opportunity to step outside myself, work hard, and have fun! I’ve spent countless hours researching Mongol culture, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you! 



Camille EricksonCamille Erickson, Playing the part of Marion Braidfute, Wife of William Wallace

Hello! I love life and I love to prepare delicious food. I am going to culinary school right now. I love dancing, hiking, skateboarding and sword fighting. I love simulations because you get to make a difference in other people’s lives and learn something new every time. I’m so excited to be on the Sim Team. I am an actor so this is going to be a blast being in a role all week. I also love helping people to figure out complicated problems.


Ethan AkesterEthan Akester, Playing the part of Emperor Moctezuma I

Ethan is a long time veteran of Simulations week, this Sim being his 7th and final Simulation, calling him a ‘Sim week enthusiasts’ would be an understatement. Ethan loves history, and especially loves historic war tactics and campaigns. In between simulations Ethan is involved on his high school football team, wrestling team and the executive officer of his local NJROTC unit. Ethan loves to hike and venture round the country with his friends and family. This will be Ethan’s 2nd year on the Sim Team and he is looking forward to one last hurrah with his Sim team family.