Oahu Local Cohort


Families residing on O’ahu are invited to participate in a new pilot program designed to provide excellent, low-tuition courses and local activities for students enrolled in online Ensign Peak Academy courses.

Ensign Peak Academy is providing 50% off tuition for students residing on O’ahu. This discount applies to all courses except math, world languages and elementary school language arts.

O’ahu Local Cohort Coordinator: Tina Hawkins. 

Call Tina to discuss the activities and group support, at 208-206-4688. Call Ensign Peak Academy to discuss your academic needs, at 801-450-5016.


One middle or high school tuition-free enrollment is currently available, thanks to a generous sponsor. Updates will be posted here as new sponsorships become available and/or are claimed. To claim this sponsorship, please submit an application and contact us at admin@ensignpeakacademy.com.


Tina Hawkins will coordinate weekly activities for members of the O’ahu Local Cohort. Examples may include:

  • Beach days
  • Hiking days
  • Game days
  • Holiday parties
  • Picnics and park days
  • Cultural Fairs
  • Science Fairs
  • Spelling bee
  • Outdoor sports
  • Temple trips
  • Indexing parties

Academic Calendar and Schedule

Visit our 2020-2021 Calendar to learn about school start and end dates, class dates, and vacation days.

Visit our 2020-2021 Schedule for class days and times.


Join the O’ahu Local Cohort by submitting an application for the program you wish to join, and paying a $35 application fee.

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Middle and High School


Middle and high school students who reside on O’ahu are invited to enroll in online classes taught live on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from August 18, 2020 to May 27, 2021.

Online personal study modules, assignments and quizzes are completed independently, on other days of the week.

  • Live math classes are offered from 9:00 – 9:50 AM Hawaii-Aleutian Time, Monday through Thursday. Visit our Shormann Math page for complete details.
  • World Language courses are offered on a self-paced basis only, via Rosetta Stone. 

Non-Sequential Course Schedule Rotation

Ensign Peak Academy middle school course schedules A and B alternate each year.  High school course schedules A, B, C and D rotate through four years. Elementary School Unit Studies schedules A, B, C, D, E and F rotate through six years. This allows students to join the O’ahu Local Cohort in any year and progress through all of their elementary, middle and high school years. 

High School Schedule C

High School Schedule C is offered live during the 2020-2021 school year. Visit our High School Program page to view High School Schedules A, B and D which will be offered during future school years.

bald-eagles-341898_640American History 

2-Semester Course, 1 Credit

(Description coming soon!)



1467305_10101167615256639_106150370_nAmerican History Mentor: Derrick Wong, Esq., Derrick Wong was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a graduate of Saint Louis High School. After high school, he went on to attend Brigham Young University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with an emphasis in Chinese Politics and Economics. After graduation, he furthered his educational goals by attending California Western School of Law in San Diego, California graduating with a Juris Doctorate. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii and before the
District Court of Hawaii. He is a glutton for punishment and is contemplating a return to school for either a PhD or an MD.

Derrick started off his legal career with a civil law firm focusing on foreclosure defense litigation. After a brief stint there, he became a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with the City and County of Honolulu prosecuting minor traffic offenses to Felony offenses. During his time as a Deputy Prosecutor, he obtained his commission in the Hawaii National Guard as a Judge Advocate first with the Army National Guard and then transferring to the Air National Guard where he currently serves as the State Headquarters Staff Judge Advocate. Derrick left his position as a Deputy Prosecutor to work full time for the Hawaii National Guard as an attorney advisor to the Adjutant General for the State of Hawaii and on all Air related matters.

Derrick has furthered his teaching aspirations through the University of Phoenix teaching Business Law and Ethics courses. He has also taught Gospel Doctrine and Elder’s Quorum in prior ward callings and is currently the Youth Sunday School teacher. Derrick served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Vancouver Canada.

Derrick and wife Crystal lives in Hawaii with their daughter and two Pomeranians. When he does find free time he is an avid gamer playing RPGs and FPS. His current game of choice is Destiny 2 for FPS and DnD with his gaming buddies. He also enjoys Chinese Martial Arts practicing Hung Gar, Choy Lay Fut and Wing Chun systems; paintballing; rock climbing and shooting.

shakespeare-and-company-1701307_640British Literature

2-Semester Course, 1 Credit

(Description coming soon!)





feather-3237961_640English: Writing Skills

2-Semester Course, 1 Credit

(Description coming soon!)




2-Semester Course, 1 Credit

This course invites students to feel gratitude for God’s great creations as they consider the patterns and principles upon which the universe operates.

Part 1

Learn how physics is part of many aspects of science. In this course, students will explore motion in one dimension and motion graphs. Students will also learn about force and acceleration, Newton’s Laws of Motion, momentum and conservation of momentum, and the relationship of these concepts to human safety. Explore work and power, energy in systems and the law of conservation of energy. Study thermal energy, including measurements, conduction, convection, radiation and what happens to energy that seems to disappear. Learn about energy conversion devices, thermal energy transfer and concepts about solving energy problems. 

Part 2

Find out about gravitational force, electrical force and the fields associated with both. Investigate electromagnetic induction and the inverse square law. Explore the behavior of charged particles. Learn about simple harmonic motion, types of waves, wave properties, the electromagnetic spectrum and the behavior of electromagnetic waves. Discover the wave-particle duality of light, the attributes of visible light and how the human eye processes light. Understand the effects of wave energy on living things. Learn about the nature of digital information storage devices and devices used to transmit and capture information and energy. 

Note: Instructional resources will be provided to support students who need additional math skills to complete the physics course assignments.

animals-1782431_640Human Geography

2-Semester Course, 1 Credit

Come explore the beauty of the earth in an exciting new way, as we delve into the activities and behaviors of its human inhabitants.  Students will have the opportunity to examine the connection and interaction humans have had with the earth’s natural systems through the study of history, migration, culture, and political and economic development.  Learners will also gain a deeper appreciation for the impact of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the cultural, political, and economic systems of the world, and how it continues to impact our lives today.

mountain-918637_640Career and College Prep

1-Semester Course, 0.5 Credit

This course presents thoughtfully selected strategies to help youth explore and compare options, and then analyze and plan for their future career. Students will be introduced to a broad array of career options. They will have the opportunity to consider how their personal preferences and values may align with specific career choices. This course provides guidance to help students identify and understand how to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for careers of interest, and to create a career prep financial plan. Students will learn about fulfilling career options in the trades. They will discover the many exciting opportunities found at Apprenticeship.gov and other alternatives to attending college.  This course includes an overview of CES schools and a review of other colleges that support Christians and honor the roots of American liberty. Students will analyze and rank criteria for selecting a college, learn about the application process, understand transcripts and how to prepare for the ACT and SAT exams. Recommendations will be provided for how to apply for scholarships. Students will learn how to plan for independent living, gain valuable study skills, learn how to apply for a job, tips on how to start a new job and valuable workplace skills to help them succeed in any career. The lessons encourage youth to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, parents and trusted advisors as they prepare for their future career.

key-2743276_640Life Skills

1-Semester Course, 0.5 Credit

This course covers a broad array of topics designed to prepare youth to be wise managers of their lives – now and during their future adult years. Students will learn principles and strategies for prioritizing values and goals, along with effective time management, problem solving and decision making techniques. They will receive guidance regarding establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, including interpersonal and communication skills as well as courteous living. Recommended guidelines will be provided for good personal care, responsibility and safety. Instruction will cover techniques of good house cleaning, food preparation and basic cooking. The course includes an overview of home and auto maintenance and insurance. Students will gain an understanding of how to manage housing and transportation needs, how to prepare to handle a variety of emergencies, and the basics of paying taxes. The lessons encourage youth to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, parents and church leaders, and refers to “For the Strength of Youth.”

Middle School Schedule A

Middle School Schedule A is offered live during the 2020-2021 school year. Visit our Middle School Program page to view Middle School Schedule B, which will be offered during the 2021-2022 school year.

book-863418_1280American and British Literature

2-Semester Course

This course is a rich and thrilling adventure through some of the finest selections of American and British literature. It is taught in tandem with English: Focus on Language Arts. Students will enjoy engaging lessons, novels, a novella, a short story and poetry. These literature selections will provide a platform for investigations into the importance of family, virtue, Christian discipleship, integrity and courage, as well as literary themes, symbolism, plot-lines, characters, settings, writing styles, etc. Readings for this course include The Magicians Nephew, and The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis; The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, by Margaret Sidney; King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, by Roger Lancelyn Green; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain; “To Build a Fire,” by Jack London; “If” by Rudyard Kipling, and “Paul Revere’s Ride,” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

laptop-2558666_1280English: Focus on Language Arts

2-Semester Course

The Lord asks for disciples who are prepared to assist in the building of the Kingdom of God through articulate, well-reasoned persuasion. This course is designed to provide an engaging opportunity for students to improve their language arts comprehension and skills, and to learn to articulate ideas in writing through a variety of cognitive procedures. Instruction interrelates with the American and English Literature course to provide topics for students to use as they articulate their own ideas as well as analyze, interpret, and evaluate the readings. Students will also sharpen their skills through fun games and activities designed to teach grammar and punctuation.

mount-rushmore-902483_1280US History

2-Semester Course

The focus of this course is seeing the hand of God in the establishment of the United States. This course is a broad review US history, starting with the first Americans, explorers, Jamestown and Pilgrims, then proceeding to the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution and the writing of the US Constitution. Students will learn about influential US presidents, the growth of the nation, the War of 1812, slavery, transportation, women’s suffrage, and factory life. The second semester will cover the Civil War, reconstruction, immigration, the American West, The World Wars, The Great Depression, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Civil Rights Movement and wrap up with an overview of religious freedom.

america-1861417_1280US Geography

2-Semester Course

Explore the United States of America through this exciting geography course. Students will learn to appreciate the culture, climate, and physical features of each region. They will be invited to learn about the national parks and the city life, the farms and ranches, the everglades and mountains, the deserts and forests, the plains and shorelines, and the rivers and lakes of our beautiful country. The course will introduce students to some of the most impressive man-made structures and important heritage sites. Games for memorizing the states and capitals are included, along with many fun geography activities. The focus of this course is to inspire gratitude for America, and a desire to preserve this land of promise as we strive to become true disciples of Christ.

atom-1222516_1280Science Semester 1: Chemistry and Ecology

The Chemistry Unit will teach students basic chemistry. The unit will cover atomic structure, molecules and compounds, isotopes, electrons and chemical characteristics of elements, why atoms behave the way they do, ions, chemical reactions, covalent bonds, and ionic bonds. The patterns in chemistry will be presented as evidence of intelligent design.

The Ecology Unit will teach students the fundamentals of the distribution and interactions of organisms within their environment. Students will examine plant and animal populations, communities and ecosystems, from tiny bacteria’s role in nutrient recycling to the effects of tropical rain forest on the Earth’s atmosphere. Students will learn to appreciate the inter-relatedness of all things, as a pattern for Christian unity.

stone-arch-828730_1280Science Semester 2: Geology and Astronomy

The Geology Unit will help students understand the essential elements that make up the earth. Students will learn to appreciate the Creator’s grand design in the formation of the earth, and our role as stewards. The unit will cover the earth’s layers, the geology of time, rocks, minerals, how the land forms, the geological processes, and how we use the earth’s resources. The unit will finish with a fascinating review of earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Astronomy Unit will teach students about the terrestrial and Jovian planets in our solar system, our sun and moon, the motion of the Earth, Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion, our universe, galaxies and space exploration. Students will enjoy learning about how God uses heavenly bodies and their motion as a source of rich symbolism for teaching gospel truths.

starry-sky-1948523_1280Art Appreciation

1-Semester Course

What does art tell us about people throughout the ages? Explore a wide range of art from ancient to modern. Enjoy learning about pottery, sculpture, paintings, drawings and architecture. How has art been used over time, to celebrate and teach others about God? Learn how artistic expression has changed over time, through the Renaissance, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist periods. Discover how abstract art and surrealism depict emotions without depicting reality. Learn about the incredible art of photorealism. Can a work of art be performed? Find out about the innovation of performance art. Learn how to make the most from a visit an art museum. Benefit from an engaging overview of the elements and principles of art. Meet some prominent Latter-day Saint artists and learn about their work.

independence-hall-1116201_1280Principles of Liberty- Part 1

1-Semester Course

Discover 14 fundamental principles of liberty upon which peace and prosperity are based. Learning is done through engaging object lessons, games, stories and activities designed to engage the young student. This course cultivates a love for liberty as it teaches how to apply these principles to real life decisions as students prepare for active citizenship. Students will learn of the indispensable role of religion and faith, in preserving liberty. It covers principles 1-14 as described in The 5000 Year Leap, from the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Note: Part 1 and Part 2 may be taken in any order.

Elementary School 


Please visit our Elementary School page for information about our program. These Unit Studies will be offered to individual members of the O’ahu Local Cohort, to by taught by parents in the home. In addition, students may enroll in Math and Language Arts units.

colonial-room-286338_640US History: The Colonial Era (20 topics)

Learn the exciting stories of Jamestown and the Pilgrims. Speculate on the fate of the Roanoke Colony. Enjoy exploring the history of each of the 13 colonies. Hear amount the colonists’ lifestyle, food, work, homes, education, religion, traditions and more. Find out about the fascinating history of Russian colonization in America. Discover the history of the Spanish colonizers in Florida and California.

rome-2614952_640Ancient Civilizations (20 topics)

Beginning with in introduction to archeology, children will explore some of the largest and most influential ancient civilizations. This unit study will cover Mesopotamia, Egypt, Nubia, Ancient Judaism, Christianity and Islam, West African Empires, Ancient India and Feudal Japan. Learn about Ancient Greece, from the birth of democracy and Sparta, to Alexander the Great. Discover the rise and fall of Rome, and Pax Romana. Journey back in time to the Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties of Ancient China, and learn about Confusionism, Daoism and the construction of the Great Wall. Explore Ancient America as you learn about the Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.

omega-nebula-11053_640Astronomy (20 Topics)

Take an exciting journey to the stars, as you learn about the invention of the telescope through modern space exploration. Learn about each planet in our solar system, and the basics of gravity and planetary motion. Discover the fascinating characteristics of our moon and sun. Gain an appreciation for the variety and size of distant galaxies and nebulae. Learn some basic orienteering. Find out about the life cycle of stars, the variety of constellations, the mystery of black holes, and the nature of comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.

scientist-762627_640Great Scientists

Discover the inspiring and exciting lives of some of the world’s greatest scientists. This unit study introduces children to Marie Curie, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Mary Anning, Michael Faraday, Alice Ball and Rachel Carson.


invention-60529_640Great Inventors

Be introduced to some of the world greatest inventors and learn their fascinating stories of triumph and failure. This unit study introduces children to Orville and Wilbur Wright, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Eli Whitney, Elon Musk, James Watt and Johannes Gutenberg.

violin-374096_640Music Appreciation

Children will discover the wonderful history of music, starting with the middle ages and the Renaissance, and then learning about the music and great composers of the Baroque Age, the Classical Period, the Romantic Era and the Twentieth Century. Enjoy learning about the instruments of the orchestra, and the modern genres of folk, pop, rock and jazz music. Children will be excited to learn some famous children’s songs. The unit study wraps up with a fascinating exploration of the world of composing, recording and performing.

us-capitol-477987_1280US Government and Citizenship

Upper elementary aged children will gain an appreciation for the US Government by learning about the US Constitution and Amendments, the three branches of government and the duties and powers of each, and how the state governments are organized – including the state courts. This Unit Study explains how towns, cities and counties form our local communities and how “we the people” can participate in government through the election process, political parties and lobbying our representatives.

Volunteer Mentors

  • All mentors for the O’ahu Local Cohort volunteer their services, thus allowing tuition discounts for all students participating in the O’ahu Local Cohort. 
  • Each volunteer mentor receives one free student enrollment for the full program, for each course taught by that mentor. Free enrollment can be used for the mentor’s own child or to sponsor another student.
  • If all volunteer mentor positions are filled, then all other students who participate in this new pilot program receive 50% off tuition. 
  • Parents and other qualified individuals are invited to apply to become volunteer mentors, to teach middle and high school courses, and to provide quality video feedback for elementary school student submissions.
  • Mentors teach and support students online, from home or from their own office, and may live anywhere. Strong, reliable internet signal is a must. All Middle and High School Program courses are taught live online, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Hawaii-Aleutian Time. 
  • Mentors teach Ensign Peak Academy pre-developed curriculum, provided in Canvas. Mentors provide feedback and grading for student assignment submissions, managed within Canvas. Mentors receive training, support and management through Ensign Peak Academy.
  • Mentors are sought with a minimum two-years’ teaching experience. Bachelor’s degree or higher, in a field related to the subject taught, is preferred. Must have an enduring love of youth, love of teaching, and love of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Online or webinar teaching experience and general fluency and experience with Microsoft office software, Google Drive and Canvas (or other LMS) is preferred. 
  • Elementary School courses are not taught live online. Mentors for this program provide video feedback for student submissions, which may be done anytime.
  • Interested, qualified individuals are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume to admin@ensignpeakacademy.com. Please indicate that you are interested in serving as a mentor for the O’ahu Hawaii Local Cohort.

Middle School Mentor Positions

Each of the following positions includes teaching one 50-minute live online class each week and providing grading and feedback for assignment submissions. 

  • American and British Literature and English: Focus on Language Arts Mentor: One mentor is sought to teach two 50-minute live online classes per week. Love of and significant familiarity with American and British literature is a must. An English degree or significant training and experience in English and writing required. Teaching experience is preferred. 
  • Science Mentor: The course being taught features four 9-week units on Chemistry, Ecology, Geology and Astronomy. A science degree and teaching experience are preferred. 
  • US History Mentor: A deep love for and knowledge of US History is a must. This mentor should possess an appreciation for the hand of Providence in the founding and building of the United States. 
  • US Geography Mentor: Knowledge of and love for geography is required. Teaching experience is preferred. The primary objectives of this geography course is to help students gain an appreciation for the beauty, variety and goodness of the United States and its peoples, and an awareness and understanding of the physical attributes and regional characteristics of the US.
  • Art Appreciation Mentor: A degree in an art field or significant knowledge of art history and the elements of art is required. This course will be taught during 1st Semester.
  • Principles of Liberty Part I Mentor: An appreciation and significant understanding of the founding principles of the United States is preferred. This course will be taught during 2nd Semester.

High School Mentor Positions

Each of the following positions includes teaching one 50-minute live online class each week and providing grading and feedback for assignment submissions. 

  • Career and College Prep Mentor: Fluency with college admissions, college success strategies, and career counseling preferred. College degree in any field is helpful. This course will be taught during 2nd semester. 
  • British Literature and English: Writing Skills Mentor: One mentor is sought to teach two 50-minute live online classes per week. Love of and significant familiarity with British literature is a must. An English degree or significant training and experience in English and writing required. Teaching experience is preferred. 
  • Human Geography Mentor: Knowledge of and love for geography is required. Teaching experience is preferred. 
  • Physics Mentor: A physics degree or equivalent, and teaching experience, are preferred.
  • Life Skills Mentor: Fluency with a variety of life skills is preferred. This course will be taught during 1st Semester.

Elementary School Mentor Positions

Mentors provide engaging video feedback for student submissions related to one of the following Unit Studies: 

  • US History: The Colonial Era
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Astronomy
  • Great Scientists
  • Great Inventors
  • Music Appreciation
  • US Government and Citizenship

Each volunteer mentor receives free enrollment for one elementary school student in all Unit Studies.

O’ahu High School Program Tuition

All prices on the following charts represent 50% off the regular tuition rates.

High School Live Program Tuition Options (50% off) Lump Sum: First Student Monthly Payments: First Student Lump Sum: Sibling Monthly Payments:


2-Semester, Full Schedule (6 live courses per semester) $875 10 Payments of $92.50 $825 10 Payments of $87.50
1-Semester, Full Schedule (6 live courses for 1 semester) $437.50 5 Payments of $92.50 $412.50 5 Payments of $87.50
2-Semester Single Course or two 0.5 Credit Single Courses $175 10 Payments of $20 $162.50 10 Payments of $17.50
1-Semester Single Course or half of a 2-Semester Single Course $92.50 5 Payments of $20 $85 5 Payments of $17.50

High School Live Math course tuition is at the regular rate, which is $350 per course.

Note: The Senior Capstone Project is offered as a live course only.  Tuition is $185. Seniors may enroll at any time. They meet online individually with their mentor, several times during the course, to complete the project at their own pace.

High School Self-Paced courses are offered at the regular tuition rates posted on the Tuition page.

Middle School Program Tuition

Middle School Live Class Program Tuition Options Lump Sum: First Student Monthly Payments: First Student Lump Sum:  Sibling Monthly Payments:


2-Semester, Full Schedule (6 live courses per semester) $775 10 Payments of $82.50 $725 10 Payments of $155
1-Semester, Full Schedule (6 live courses for 1 semester) $387.50 5 Payments of $82.50 $362.50 5 Payments of $155
One 2-Semester Single Course or two 1-Semester Single Courses $150 10 Payments of $17.50 $142.50 10 Payments of $34
1-Semester Single Course or half of a 2-Semester Single Course $82.50 5 Payments of $17.50 $77.5 5 Payments of $34

Middle School Live Math course tuition is at the regular rate, which is $350 per course.

Middle School Self-Paced courses are offered at the regular tuition rates posted on the Tuition page.

Elementary School Program Tuition

Elementary School Unit Studies Independent Use, per family or independent class* Tuition Amount
10-Topic Unit Study $10
20-Topic Unit Study $20
30-Topic Unit Study $30

*The cost per family is the same as the cost per independent class, which is defined as students who meet together in-person, to be taught by one parent or teacher. This parent or teacher has sole access to the unit studies account, and may not share login credentials with other parents or teachers.

Elementary School Unit Studies Enrolled Self-Paced Student Tuition Options (Grades K-6) Lump Sum: First Student Monthly Payments: First Student Lump Sum: Sibling Monthly Payments: Sibling
Full Schedule for 1 Enrolled Student (100 Topics) $225 10 Payments of $22.50 $200 10 Payments of $42
One 10-Topic Unit Study, for 1 Enrolled Student $22.50 NA $20 NA
One 20-Topic Unit Study for 1 Enrolled Student $45 NA $40 NA
One 30-Topic Unit Study for 1 Enrolled Student $67.50 NA $60 NA

Math Inspirations and Elementary Language Arts are offered at the regular rate only.