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We are tremendously grateful to our sponsors for helping advance our vision of bringing family-centered, school supported education programs to an ever-growing community of students.

If you own a business or lead an organization, and you support our mission and our focus, consider becoming an Ensign Peak Academy Sponsor.

Learn more about the Future of Ensign Peak Academy. Sponsors help fund these exciting initiatives.

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Gold Sponsors are listed here, with a logo, description of services and link to your website. Cost: $300

Platinum Sponsors are listed here, with a logo, description of services, link to your website and emailed promotion to our school community. Cost: $500

Arrange for sponsorship by emailing admin@ensignpeakacademy.com

Platinum Sponsors

Order a box of Malasadas. One bite and you’re back in Hawaii!

Current locations in Alaska, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. New locations are frequently being announced.

Own a Franchise – Our Wiki- Franchise  will help you realize your dream of running a business that brings you closer to your family, instead of pulling you apart. A business you can involve your kids with and teach valuable entrepreneurial lessons. Franchise opportunities are open in all states in the U.S. so anyone can apply unless their area is taken.  Most of Arizona is taken. A few spots are still available in Utah. 

Note that Ensign Peak Academy is an LLC. This is not a solicitation for charitable donations. It is an exchange of services for mutual benefit.