Parent Training

Diann Jeppson Portrait 2017Hello, Diann Jeppson here…

After more than twenty five years of being a homeschooling parent, I can still recall the acute pain I felt as a young mother, at the discovery that teaching my own children isn’t simply a matter of having the best curriculum. I know that sounds rather naïve, but it was actually a hugely important realization, which led me on a journey…

To discover the skills and understanding of how to succeed with family centered education.

That journey led me through dozens of books on education and family development and then to hundreds of interviews with parents –  exposing me to a broad spectrum of scenarios, challenges and solutions. My vision has always been to find patterns for building great families that produce wise and virtuous individuals.

It has been the most exciting adventure of my life – to deeply engage with every single one of these life changing discoveries in my own family.

Now I want to make available all of my best discoveries, for parents who share my passion for family and education.

In order to give you everything I have acquired over the past two decades, I’ve put it all together into a format that is clear and easy to use – and I call it the Family Centered Education Course.

Visit the Family Centered Education Course page for full details on how this course can help you to significantly improve the education of your family.

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