Sim Week: The Book

Simulated Battles. Real Courage.

Every summer over a hundred teens gather for a crazy simulation: a gigantic four day live action game of sweeping scope and daring adventure. This year, mysterious scientists with shrouded motives have ripped four civilizations out of the ancient world for a gamified test of dominance. 

But the simulation quickly runs in a direction that no one expected. The past and the future of the world are at stake, and it will be up to the players to decide the final outcome. Quiet musician Ariel, warrior-hearted Marcus, and fast-thinking, head-turning Jessie will have to use all their cunning, strength, courage and faith to defeat their challenges and come off conqueror—or die trying.

Good thing it’s just a game…


One thing’s for sure. Win or lose, nobody will be the same after.

Meet the Author:

J.S. Ramirez, (affectionately known as Mr. R.) is a storyteller, a teacher, and a renaissance man. He loves to do all sorts of things involving creativity and creation, and usually has multiple interesting projects going at all times. He lives in Utah with his beautiful ballet dancing wife and their adorable baby, as well as their sensible dog, Major, and their unapologetically independent cat, Dittany.

Contact the Author:

Interview with J.S. Ramirez

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