Trailblazers Literature and Writing Studies

Trailblazers Literature Studies

Human, Child, Girl, Sitting, Blond, Long Hair, Book

The following books comprise the Literature Studies for the 4th- 6th Grade Explorers Literature Schedule:

Trailblazers Writing Studies

Child, Girl, Writing, Student, Kid, Young, Childhood

4th-6th Grade Students will complete the following writing projects during the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Friendly Letter
  • All About Me Presentation
  • Favorite Animal – Essay
  • Holiday Traditions Essay
  • Poetry: Diamantes, Acrostics, and Cinquains
  • My State Research Project
  • Create your Own Country – Creative Writing Project
  • Newspaper Report – Featuring the 5 W’s
  • Dust Jacket Book Review