Way to Go, Running Class!

Running Class at Ensign Peak Academy

A big shout out to the students who just finished our Running class, with mentor Megan Andersen. 

Here is their first week 1 mile run time and then their 9th week 1 mile run time.  Every student got significantly faster. So exciting to see!

1 Mile Time Trials

  • Kayson 8:00 to 6:50
  • Hank 7:30 to 6:49
  • Porter 10:28 to 7:54
  • Logan 11:42 to 8:40
  • Chelsea 6:48 to 6:31

In this course, students learned the steps athlete Megan Anderson took in the very beginning to become a runner.  They explored the world of running, nutrition, shoes, accessory exercises and more.  Join the Running course next semester to become a healthier and happier person!

Meet Running Course Mentor Megan Andersen

Mother, Wife, Nutrition Coach, Ultrarunner, Triathlete, & CrossFitter

Mrs. Anderson tells us:

“Growing up I was an avid basketball player. I dabbled in other sports, nothing too serious.

“10 years ago I started running and haven’t stopped since.  I have run everything from a 5k to a 100 mile ultramarathon (yes all on my own 2 feet and yes without stopping). In the last few years I became a Nutrition Coach, began CrossFit and completed my first 70.3 Ironman.  Fitness has given me not only physical health but mental health and strength as well.”