Online Seminary

We are delighted to announce that starting this year, online seminary will be offered to Ensign Peak Academy 9th – 12th Grade students, through the Church Education System. Many blessings come as students study the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This new online seminary opportunity is the result of many good meetings and communications with CES. We feel so blessed to be the first online school to be approved for online seminary, for our own students.

This year’s Ensign Peak Academy live online seminar classes will take place on Zoom, each Wednesday from 7:30 – 8:00 am Mountain Time, starting September 13, 2023. Students will also be invited to complete three independent study sessions each week, in their CES Canvas account (a separate Canvas account from Ensign Peak Academy). Students will be invited to complete four independent micro-lessons, September 5-8, 2023.

This online seminary class is provided for Ensign Peak Academy students who cannot easily attend in-person seminary in their local areas. Although we encourage students to attend local, in-person seminary, we recognize that scheduling and other concerns make it difficult or impossible to do so. Ensign Peak Academy and the Church wish to provide opportunities for all youth to attend seminary, which is the main reason this new class is being offered.

We invite you to view this short video, to learn about this opportunity: Introduction to Online Seminary

Are you ready to enroll in this new online seminar class? Click this application link: Online Seminary Application

There is no charge for attending seminary.

Seminary Canvas Login Instructions

Important: When filling out this application, it is critical that you enter “Ensign Peak Academy” as the answer to Question 6. (Even though we don’t have school boundaries, CES knows about our school and will place our students into our own seminar course, based on the responses to Question 6.) Also, be sure to update the parent email and mobile number as explained in the video linked to Question 5, in the application.

We anticipate a wonderful year of seminary!