It’s that exciting time when the Class of 2023 is completing the last semester of their high school education and are preparing to graduate! We are so proud of each of them for their diligent efforts to learn “by study and also by faith.”

This page provides all of the information needed to participate in our commencement services.

Commencement Location:

Wasatch Academy Music Conservatory, 120 S. 100 W. Mount Pleasant, Utah (Building #22 on this Map)

Family Members and Guests:

You are welcome to invite family members and friends to attend your graduation.


For those not attending Sim Week, we recommend staying in the Horseshoe Mountain Lodge or reserve an AirBnB

Commencement Services Date and Time:

Friday, June 23, 2023; 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Mountain Time

Note that this is the last day of the Simulations Week event, which is also held at Wasatch Academy.


A banquet will be held following commencement services.

  • Banquet seating begins at 5:45 pm MDT
  • Banquet and Program: 6:00 – 7:00 pm MDT
  • Semi-formal and Sunday best dress are both appropriate for the banquet and ball

The banquet will be held in the Student Center. (Building #5 on this map)

Graduates and their parents are invited to attend the banquet at no charge. Additional commencement guests may attend the banquet for $15 per guest. Please use this form to purchase the banquet for commencement guests.

Banquet Guest

Note that the banquet is included with Simulations Week admission, so no need to purchase the banquet for youth who are already signed up to attend the full Simulations Week event.


Your family members and commencement guests are welcome to attend the ball at no charge. It will be held from 7:00 – 9:00 pm that evening (Friday, June 23, 2023).

The Ball will be held in Physical Arts Center and Gymnasium (Building #15 on this map.)

Ordering Your Cap, Gown and Tassel:

Students who will have met all graduation requirements should order this GraduatePro Gown, Cap, Tassel Set 2023, all in black, from Amazon. Make sure to get the 2023 charm and that it is delivered in time for you to wear it to commencement. (The cost for this set is your responsibility. There are no other charges for graduation.)


Please take a high resolution photo of your graduate wearing their cap and gown and email it to at least one week prior to commencement. We are preparing a plaque for each graduate, incorporating the portrait.

Online Attendance:

Graduates and their family and friends are welcome to view commencement services online with this link:

Graduates Not Attending In-Person:

Ensign Peak Academy and Homeschool Graduates may attend online instead of traveling to Utah. They may order the cap and gown and wear it on their graduation day. They will appear on camera. Their diploma and/or transcript will be announced by the Director, and presented by their parents. (Diplomas will be mailed out ahead of time.)

Homeschool Graduates:

Homeschool graduates may participate in the commencement services. This is an opportunity given to currently enrolled students of Ensign Peak Academy who have not completed all graduation requirements, but have completed and passed the courses in which they were enrolled, with at least a C- grade, earning a minimum of 3 credits. These seniors will be honored by their parents.

Parents of homeschool graduates will prepare their own independent non-accredited homeschool diploma and will personally present it to the student, during the commencement services. Ensign Peak Academy will present the student’s transcript, showing any credit earned through Ensign Peak Academy.

In addition, if the student has earned a certificate or transcript from any other institution, these may be presented by the parents to the student at that time as well.

The parents and student will not represent publicly or in any manner that the student is a graduate of Ensign Peak Academy, but is a graduate of the family’s homeschool program, with some credit earned through Ensign Peak Academy.

Homeschool graduates should GraduatePro Graduation Gown, Cap, Tassel Set 2023, all in royal blue, from Amazon. Make sure to get the 2023 charm and that it is delivered in time for you to wear it to commencement. (The cost for this set is your responsibility. There are no other charges for graduation.)