Math Mentors

Ryan Ferree

Math Program Director, Math Curriculum Developer, Mentor: Secondary Math I (4 days per week 8:00 am Mountain Time), Secondary Math II (4 days per week 9:00 am Mountain Time; Mon/Wed Block 11:30 am Mountain Time), Secondary Math III (Mon/Wed Block 10:00 am Mountain Time)

Ryan Ferree was born in Galveston, Texas, grew up in Havana, Illinois, and currently resides in Cedar City with his wife and six daughters. He served in the U.S. Air Force, living in places like Minot, ND and Guam, and has a Masters in Math Education from Nova Southeastern University. Ryan served his mission in the Utah Salt Lake City South mission.

He has many experiences ranging from engineering in the Air Force to finances as an accountant and, of course, teaching. Not only has he homeschooled his own children but has taught both in the physical classroom and in online environments. In teaching, he strives to help students match their passions with what they are learning in the class.

Speaking of passions, Ryan enjoys reading, studying history, spending time with his family, and playing disc golf.

Kimberly Bingham

Teaching Textbooks License Manager

Kimberly Bingham is an online educator and homeschooling mother of four.  She currently teaches English as a Second Language through an online platform, and has worked as an international relations consultant.  Prior to educating her children at home, Kimberly served as a Logistics Officer in the United States Marine Corps, successfully completing deployment missions to Afghanistan and Iraq.  She received commendation for providing seamless logistics support to 5 forward-deployed operating bases simultaneously in support of global operations.  She enjoys volunteering with the Red Cross, and Kimberly is the Illinois State Ambassador for Home School Legal Defense Association Compassion, which allows her to serve homeschooling families in need.  Kimberly believes deeply in integrity, diligence, and service to others.   She is a life-long learner with a passion for foreign languages, music, and Brazilian martial arts.  Kimberly is excited to be part of the Ensign Peak Academy team!

Desirea Forbes

Mentor: Intermediate Math II (Mon/Wed 10:00 am Mountain Time), Secondary Math I (Mon/Wed 11:30 Mountain Time), Math Lab

Jennifer Mott

Mentor: Intermediate Math I (4 days/wk 9:00 am Mountain Time, Mon/Wed 11:30 am Mountain Time