Math Mentors

Kim PearsonKimberly Pearson

Math Specialist

2020-2021 Live Program Mentor: Algebra 2 (Morning and Afternoon)

Self-Paced Program Mentor, Math Lab

Kimberly Pearson was born in Houston, Texas and currently resides in the outskirts of Waco, Texas with her husband, three children, and many farm animals. She earned her bachelor degree in elementary education with a mathematics minor from Sam Houston University and earned her MBA from the University of Utah. Kimberly served the majority of her mission on Temple Square with a few months in the Blackfoot, Idaho area.

She has many experiences with teaching from elementary to adults, and particularly enjoys teaching the middle school and high school age students. For the last 15 years she has focused her time on raising and teaching her three children and being the executive of her home. She has a great love for learning and sharing knowledge with those around her and is excited to do this through the live learning which she loves and values as a great resource for teaching real truth of the world around us.

Kimberly has a great passion for organizing and planning. She has planned and managed many events from corporate conferences to community and charitable function, from church camps to family reunions. She enjoys challenges and has a talent for seeing the big picture as well as the detailed steps to achieve the end results. Kimberly also enjoys reading, boating, playing the piano, and serving those around her.

Sheri HerlihySheri Herlihy

Live Program Mentor: Algebra 1 (Morning and Afternoon)

Sheri was raised in Southern California, lived in New Hampshire for about 20 years and now lives in Chittenango, NY (the birthplace of L. Frank Baum!) with her husband, son, two dogs, goldfish and three chickens.  She is the mother of three children and stepmom to three more.  Sheri graduated from BYU with a BS in Business and a minor in Spanish and served a mission in Guatemala.  She became a certified teacher and taught math for several years at a small high school in New Hampshire.  She has also taught Spanish at the elementary-, middle- and high-school levels.  Sheri enjoys animals, traveling, yoga, math, walking, swimming, stargazing, rock climbing, spending time with her family, and learning new things.

IMG_2796Rusty Visher

Live Program Mentor: Algebra 1 (Morning and Afternoon)

Rusty grew up in Woods Cross, UT and is the youngest of five. She played many sports, has a passion for music, and loves to read. As a Freshman at Snow College she obtained her lifeguarding certificate as well as becoming a swim instructor. She remembers many of the kiddos she taught with a smile on her face. To this day Rusty can be found forcing her two kids to go puddle jumping with her when there is a good rain storm.

Rusty has always been gifted in math. It has always presented itself as a puzzle with many potential tunnels to go through, but has only one correct answer. Just like putting in that last puzzle piece, it is extremely satisfying to find that one correct answer.

Rusty obtained a BA in Business Management from WGU and after many moves to and from several states, has landed and put roots down in Lander Wyoming. Rusty’s spouse is a Paramedic which means she thinks he is just an adrenaline junkie who loves to help people in their worst moments of life. She has the cutest dog named Arrow and hopes to have another pup to love on soon.

IMG_6007Ryan Ferree

Live Program Mentor: Pre-Algebra (Morning and Afternoon)

Ryan Ferree was born in Galveston, Texas grew up in Havana, Illinois, and currently resides in the outskirts of Lexington, Virginia with his wife, six daughters, and many farm animals. He served in the U.S. Air Force, living in places like Minot, ND and Guam, and has a Masters in Math Education from Nova Southeastern University. Ryan served his mission in the Utah Salt Lake City South mission.

He has many experiences ranging from engineering in the Air Force to finances as an accountant and, of course, teaching. Not only has he homeschooled his own children but has taught both in the physical classroom and in online environments. In teaching, he strives to help students match their passions with what they are learning in the class.

Speaking of passions, Ryan loves working with his small, but growing homestead. From taking care of his many chickens and honey bees to growing vegetables in his garden, he enjoys it all. Ryan also enjoys reading, studying history, spending time with his family, and playing disc golf.