Elementary Unit Studies

The Unit Study Model

Children thrive when they are engaged in a subject, learn at their own pace and according to their level of interest.

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Each subject is presented as a unit study, comprised of an exciting and well-organized set of topics, and a variety of easy-to-use learning and teaching resources.

Ensign Peak Academy Unit Study Subjects include:

  • US History
  • World History and Geography
  • Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Biographies
  • Government and Citizenship

See the Recommended Unit Study Schedules below, for specific Unit Study titles.


Parents love the unit studies because…

  • Incorporation of academics with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The unique team effort between parents and school to teach children
  • Easy to use! No lesson plans – just simple sets of beautiful, inspiring unit studies
  • Well-organized, consistent and thoughtfully prepared units and topics
  • Works for individual students, families, and learning communities

Children love the Unit Studies because…

  • Delightfully written and illustrated stories for each topic
  • Fun and memorable activities
  • Engaging videos to help them see and understand each topic better
  • Plenty of choice – unit studies and topics can be explored in any order

A word from one of our authors:

Crystal Haitsma

“I am an author for Ensign Peak, and a homeschool mother of four. When I got started writing for this project, writing was something that I enjoyed, but I hadn’t done in years. Both my children and I got so interested and invested in the biographies that I was writing, that we read everything we could find on each person. We had a great time together researching and reading, and my kids would even enjoy listening to the autobiography of Gandhi or writings from philosophers! After getting back into writing, I started reading more for leisure as well. After reading several books on my own, unrelated to my bios, I also started writing book reports after each book that I finished. My kids couldn’t figure out why I would do something like that, and I responded: “because it’s fun!” And it’s true. We all have loved learning together, and it’s inspired me, as a mother, to delve into my own learning and education.”    –Crystal Haitsma

Each Unit Study includes…

Unit Studies Graphic

Stories: Each topic includes an engaging story, written for children, and designed to explain and tell about that topic. The stories are provided in the form of Google Slide Shows, and are nicely illustrated. Parents may prefer to use a tablet to read and discuss the stories, while sitting with their children on the couch, or they may show the story on a large screen. Older children may prefer to read the stories independently.


Unit Study Journal: Each student is invited to build a Unit Study Journal for each school year. For each topic studied, invite children to write, type or dictate the ideas they wish to remember. Each unit study comes with its own Digital Interactive Notebook for students to use.


Illustrations and Graphics: Children are invited to draw or paint an illustration, or print a graphic, for each topic they study, and place their illustrations in their Unit Study Journal. A selection of beautiful and interesting graphics are provided in the Unit Study, for this purpose.


Videos: Embedded videos are provided for  each topic in all Unit Studies. All videos have been previewed and carefully selected to insure that they are interesting, engaging, age-appropriate, and in keeping with common standards of decency.


Apps and Websites: Links to educational apps and websites are provided for most topics, in all Unit Studies. These apps and websites provide an enriching place for children to further explore the topic. They are age-appropriate and in keeping with common standards of decency.


Activities: Links to simple activities are included with each Unit Study. These activities make learning more interesting, memorable and fun, while cultivating a love for learning in children’s hearts.


Timeline: Printable timeline cards are provided with each Unit Study. Families are invited to create a timeline to display in their homes.


Field Trips: Field trip ideas are included with each Unit Study. Fields trips are a great culminating activity, to encourage children to complete a Unit Study. They are also a great way to introduce a new Unit Study.


Guests: Ideas are included for each Unit Study, for types of guests that you might invite to visit your home or your learning community, to share relevant ideas and experiences with the children, and answer any questions they may have.


Memorizations and Recitations: Quotes, passages, poems, and sayings are included with each Unit Study, for children to memorize and recite.


Culminating event: Ideas for culminating events are provided with each Unit Study, to do at the end of each unit. These events help inspire a love for learning in the hearts of children and cause their learning to be more memorable, meaningful and fun!


Gamification: Many children feel a much stronger desire to engage in learning when their progress is tracked with a point system, and the points are redeemable for rewards. This is an optional resource to use. Mom determines what rewards are offered, and the point value attached to each reward. A Unit Studies Point Tracker is provided.

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Regular Mentor Meetings (Enrolled Students Only): Students will meet regularly with their assigned mentor or a mentor who is an expert in fine arts (during the fine arts units) to discuss progress, encourage, and assist students in making important connections between the material, their lives, and the gospel.

Schedule of Unit Studies

Doctrine and Covenants 89:19: “And [they] shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures.” Each of our unit study schedules is named after a valuable gemstone to remind us of the hidden treasures of knowledge God has in store for us. Unit study schedules can be completed in any order.

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Each year, one unit studies schedule is the focus for our enrolled students. Enrolled students and independent users may use any available unit study or schedule at any time.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Topaz Schedule will be the focus of our enrolled students. Elementary club offerings will align with the Topaz Schedule content.

Specific unit studies in each schedule are identified in this chart:

The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of topics in each unit study.

US History: The Colonial Era (20)US History: The Founding of A Nation (20)US History: The Building of a Nation (20)US History: The American Indians (20)US History: Slavery and the Civil War (20)US History: The Modern Age (20)
Ancient Civilizations (20)The Middle Ages (20)The Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution (20)Modern World History (20)World Geography I (20)World Geography II (20)
Astronomy (20)The Animal Kingdom (30)The Human Body (20)Plants (20)Physical Science (20)Geology (10); Ecosystems and Habitats (20)
Biographies: Great Scientists (10); Great Inventors (10)Biographies: American Founders (10)Biographies: Great Explorers (10)Biographies: Great Authors (10)Biographies: Great Leaders (10)Biographies: Great Religious Leaders (10)
Fine Arts: Music Appreciation (10)Fine Arts: Art Appreciation (10)Fine Arts: Theater Appreciation (10)Fine Arts: Dance Appreciation (10)Fine Arts: Architecture Appreciation (10)Fine Arts: Shakespeare (10)
US Government and Citizenship (10)Common Forms of Government (10)Foundations of Freedom (20)US Presidents (10)Justice for All
Our Nation’s Capital (10)
100 Topics100 Topics100 Topics100 Topics100 Topics100 Topics

To learn more about each schedule, click the following links:

Ruby Schedule (Available anytime for enrolled or independent use)

Topaz Schedule (Enrolled Schedule 2021-2022)

Opal Schedule (Future Release)

Emerald Schedule (Future Release)

Sapphire Schedule (Future Release)

Amethyst Schedule (Future Release)

Click here to access in a 4-week sample of one of our unit studies. (When you click, you will be prompted to enroll. There is no charge for the sample. You will simply be added to the sample course.)