Board of Advisors

Our dedicated Board of Advisors provides critical oversight, quarterly reviews and substantive recommendations for improvement. We are thankful for their expertise and their care for our students and families.

Julie DeLongFinance – Julie Delong

Julie is an experienced bookkeeper and accountant. She is the founder and COO of Backyard Bookkeeper. Since 2008, she has worked with over 250 different companies in a wide variety of industries, including construction, nonprofit, health care, consulting, retail sales, online sales, legal, entertainment, real estate, and many more.

Legal – Austin Hepworth

Austin attended Ave Maria School of Law, graduating summa cum laude and first in his class. Austin has worked in a variety of areas of law, including constitutional, business, real estate, finance, estate planning, adoption, international tax, prenuptials, creditor/debtor, corporate governance, contracts, and appeals. 

Kaleb AlbeeTechnology – Kaleb Albee

Kaleb graduated from Eastern Washington State University with a Master of Science in Computer Science and two minors in Math and Physics. During his studies, he concentrated on AI, hacking, and databases. 

David and Juliana Robertson

Marketing – David Robertson

Faith-Based Instruction – Julie Robertson

David Robertson served as president of the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission. He is a former counselor in a stake presidency, stake Young Men president, bishop and missionary in the Brazil Recife Mission. SANW area controller, Corporation of the Presiding Bishop. He was born in Raleigh, N.C. Juliana Robertson served as a counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency and is a former stake Young Women president, ward Young Women president, ward Primary president and seminary teacher. She was born in La Mesa, Calif. Together they have seven children.

Tara Allred-NiekampInstructional Design – Tara C. Allred-Niekamp

Tara Allred-Niekamp is an author, educator, and instructional designer with a passion for learning. She has designed online courses for K12, Inc. eCornell, Junior Achievement, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and IBM, as well as other education-based companies.

Prior to her instructional design days, Tara was involved with outreach education and program development for several Utah museums and informal educational organizations.

She has a particular love for the sciences, literature, and especially the gospel of Jesus Christ. In her free time, Tara enjoys writing fictional stories, spending time with her game-board loving husband, or playing with her two active terriers.

IMG_9626aEnglish – Jennifer Wheeler

After receiving a B.S. in English Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Jen taught for several years in the Fairfax County Public School System where she instructed 10th and 11th grade students in English and Language Arts.  During that time, she also served as a curriculum developer and testing coordinator for her team. 

Molly1Science – Molly Christensen

Molly Christensen graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Statistics. She has founded several highly-successful cooperative learning groups, written a large amount of curriculum and taught many classes to youth and adults, including Latin, science, math, and leadership.

Kim PearsonMathematics: Kimberly Pearson

She earned her bachelor degree in elementary education with a mathematics minor from Sam Houston University and earned her MBA from the University of Utah. She has experience teaching from elementary to adults, and particularly enjoys teaching the middle school and high school age students. Kimberly has a great passion for organizing and planning. She has planned and managed many events from corporate conferences to community and charitable function, from church camps to family reunions. She enjoys challenges and has a talent for seeing the big picture as well as the detailed steps to achieve the end results. 

Jeff JensenHigh School History and Geography – Jeff Jensen

Mr. Jensen is an experienced teacher, having taught online history, geography, government and economics courses for over 9 years. He is a popular speaker and has logged over 3000 public speaking hours, most in classroom settings across the state as a guest lecturer on the Titanic and U.S. history. He was recognized by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library as a noteworthy Reagan historian and was invited to speak there in 2017. He is currently working towards publication of his first book, “The President’s Pages.” He has published articles in peer reviewed history and academic journals on the RMS Titanic and served as assistant editor and historical consultant on 3 BYU publications in the “Saints at War” program. Mr. Jensen also has extensive experience with gospel teaching & learning as Stake Sunday School President in 2 stakes over 10 years and a substitute CES instructor for seminary. 

Leah_JeppsonFine Arts: Music – Leah Ellis

She graduated from BYU Idaho, with a BA in music, string emphasis, and a minor in Marriage and Family Studies. Leah enjoyed 19 years of private violin lessons, including 8 years under the instruction of Emily Day-Shumway, former member of the Utah Symphony and Concert Mistress of the Utah Chamber Orchestra. Leah performed in the Utah Youth Philharmonic for 6 years, and in the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra and ensembles for 4 years, along with multiple community orchestral and choral events. Leah also performed with her family bluegrass band “The Wildflowers” as a fiddler and vocalist for 8 years. While violin is Leah’s main instrument, she also enjoys playing the piano, viola, cello, guitar, and singing. Leah has 2 years’ experience as a private tutor in elementary level reading, literature, art and music theory, and has 10+ years’ experience teaching private violin lessons to students of all ages. She has taught two previous online Music Appreciation courses. 

Marie, July 13Fine Arts: Art – Marie Withers

Marie Withers is an artist and instructor. Her Education includes a Master of Arts (MA, 2019) in Art Education at Brigham Young University (BYU), and a BFA Degree in Art Education from Utah State University (USU, 1988). She teaches painting and drawing; and is also fluent in graphic design and photography.  From 1997 to 2017, she was a graphic designer and multi-media designer at BYU. Currently, she makes and sells fine art (mostly oil paintings) and prints, in galleries, shows and online. She has taught drawing and painting at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan, and served as an artist-in-residence for Fox Hollow Elementary School in Idaho Falls. 

Professional Photo 2019Career and Technical/Digital Studies – Jill Simonson

Mrs. Simonson has been teaching junior high, high school and college for many years. She has always been passionate about distance education and how accessible it makes education to all people, no matter where they are or what their circumstance. This passion led her to pursue a Distance Education emphasis when earning her MEd from Utah State University. In addition to her position at Ensign Peak Academy Mrs. Simonson also teaches for an online charter school, BYU Idaho, and homeschools two of her children. 

Samara StarchmanFinancial Literacy – Samara Starchman

Samara earned her Bachelor’s degree in Family Sciences from Brigham Young University in 1994.  Since then, she has had many adventures in education and business, including managing car dealerships, teaching High School Algebra, and managing commercial high rises.

Julie LuckartHealth – Dr. Julie Luckart

Julie Luckart is a family nurse practitioner and registered nurse in Washington and Oregon. She earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Arizona in 2018 and was honored as The March of Dimes Nurse of the Year for the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington in 2017.  

Middle School History – Connie Voss

Connie Voss graduated from Brigham Young University and New England College. Her Master’s degree is in Public Policy, with a 4.0 GPA and a perfect score on her thesis. She has many years of teaching experience, including early morning seminary.

She served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in New Mexico and Colorado. In addition, she keeps active in local elections and state political issues. A native Californian, Connie successfully homeschooled five children. Seven wonderful grandchildren have joined their family. She and her husband Bob live in Gridley, California with their daughter Emily and dog Odie. Their son Nathan will return in November from serving in the Ghana Accra West Mission.

Connie teaches US History, Principles of Liberty and World History for Ensign Peak Academy. She is excited to become the Assistant Director, and for the opportunity to work more closely with the students.