High School Mentors

Katie PicKatie Perry

2022-2023 Mentor: Earth Science (live and self-paced)

Katie Perry earned a B.S. degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Brigham Young University in 2004. After graduating from BYU, she worked as a GIS Specialist for five years, first for a county government in Maryland and then for an environmental engineering firm in Utah and Massachusetts. Katie’s GIS work involved analyzing and processing geographic data and producing maps for a variety of reports and public and private projects.

Katie and her husband have six children, and they currently live in the Syracuse, New York area. For four years, Katie served on the board of a local homeschool cooperative with approximately 150 students, and during that time Katie taught a variety of courses at the co-op, including Math Art, Forensic Science, and more. Katie also teaches English as a second language online, and this year will be her eighth year homeschooling her own children.

Katie loves traveling, especially if the destination involves camping or hiking. She has a passion for cooking and gardening, and enjoys working on family history.

Elise Stolle

2022-2023 Mentor: Family Science (live and self-paced)

Elise Graduated with her masters degree in Family Studies from Texas Woman’s University. She has worked with non-profit organizations teaching parent education classes and leading groups for young mothers. She has also worked with LDS Family Services to enhance some of the resources they provide for families.

She has worked with youth in many capacities over the years including teaching seminary, young womens, organizing community service projects and has helped to manage and oversee hundreds of youth backstage with Millennial Choirs and Orchestra for concerts and tours.

In addition, she has taught and developed classes for middle and high school students at her local homeschool commonwealth for many years.

Elise lives in Texas with her amazing husband and is the mother of 6 incredible children, 3 boys, and 3 girls. She has been homeschooling for 5 years and has 3 children still at home. She enjoys family history, a good book, reading to her kids, and doing adventurous things with her family! She loves to travel and explore the world, so is always planning her next trip!

Victoria Rutherford

2022-2023 Mentor: Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (LC 4), English: Writing Essentials (LC 4)

Victoria Rutherford has a master’s degree in comparative literature from the University of Utah where she specialized in German Romanticism, and a master’s degree in the Classical Tradition from the University of Reading, UK where she focused on Greek tragedians Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides and the uses and abuses of classical tropes in general Western literature.  She has been teaching reading, writing, and literature courses in various academic settings for over 15 years, and she currently teaches at Lane Community College in addition to Ensign Peak Academy.  Her favorite writer (at the moment) is John Steinbeck. 

Victoria loves to hike and to commune in nature. She also enjoys choral music and performs with a local community choir. A lover of humanity as well as the humanities, Victoria has worked closely with children in foster care and has done extensive training in trauma-informed education practices and the cognitive and developmental effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on the learning process. Victoria resides in Eugene, Oregon with her jovial husband and two mischievous sons. 

Jennifer Shaw

2022-2023 Mentor: Chemistry (live and self-paced)

Jennifer Shaw is a passionate person who loves people and experiencing life!

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and has had various amazing jobs from air quality monitoring (at an air force base where they exploded bombs and tested rocket engines), to making semiconductors and running multi-million dollar projects.

Jennifer “retired” from engineering and started her favorite job, which is being a mom!  Her passion and devotion are to her family and to the other kids in her life, whether they are known through 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Heroic Youth, mentoring, teaching, or educational travel.

In addition to homeschooling her own kids, Jennifer has taught math, science, chemistry, ballroom dance and sign language in various homeschool co-ops, Benjamin Franklin Academy, Liberty Hills, Paradigm Charter School, Overture Learning and now Ensign Peak Academy.  Jennifer loves to inspire scholars as they explore this awesome universe together.  She has discovered first hand that it is much more rewarding to watch a person’s face, heart and mind light up when they discover something new than it is to complete million dollar projects.

Jennifer likes all sorts of experiences and adventure.  Her favorite hobbies include: scuba diving, riding 4-wheelers, hiking, camping, traveling, cruising, audiobooks, creating things and being with people–especially her husband of 27 years, her three amazing kids, her new son-in-law and her extended family.

Laura WaiteLaura Waite

K-12 Language Arts Specialist

2022-2023 Mentor: Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (LC 1, 2 and Self-Paced), English: Writing Essentials (LC 1, 2 and Self-Paced), High School World Literature (Self-Paced), English: Writing Adventures (Self-Paced), American Literature (Self-Paced), British Literature (Self-Paced), English: Writing Dynamics (Self-Paced), English: Writing Skills (Self-Paced)

Laura Waite grew up in California, earned an Associate Degree from Ricks College (Brigham Young University-Idaho), married a very handsome and talented man, and raised six children (all girls except five!) After 20 years, she went back to college at Grand Canyon University online and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education. She has also earned endorsements in business and marketing and gifted and talented education.

Laura just moved to Richfield, Utah where she and her husband are planning to build a house. She has two granddaughters and one more on the way! She loves walking on the beach, hiking to waterfalls, and paddling her kayak. Her favorite activities include writing, traveling, reading, watching movies, and playing games with her family. One of her more ambitious goals is to visit all of the temples in the United States. She also loves to learn and teach and is excited to do it every day!

bio photoHeidi Anderson

2022-2023 Mentor: Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (LC 3, 5, 6), English: Writing Essentials (LC 3, 5, 6)

Heidi Anderson attended Brigham Young University-Idaho where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Education. She did her student teaching in Gilbert, Arizona and then taught reading and writing in the public school system in Arizona for four years. After that she focused on teaching private piano lessons out of her home, and has been doing that for the past 11 years.

Heidi has lived in many different places, but currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and three children. They love the climate and seasons in Raleigh as well as escaping to the beach when they want some relaxation.

Some of Heidi’s favorite things are reading, sewing, and playing piano. She also enjoys traveling and has done so extensively. She can’t wait to add more places to her list of where she’s been.

Kimberly Bingham

2022-2023 Mentor: Human Geography, Computer Technology, Financial Literacy (live and self-paced)

Kimberly Bingham is an online educator and homeschooling mother of four.  She currently teaches English as a Second Language through an online platform, and has worked as an international relations consultant.  Prior to educating her children at home, Kimberly served as a Logistics Officer in the United States Marine Corps, successfully completing deployment missions to Afghanistan and Iraq.  She received commendation for providing seamless logistics support to 5 forward-deployed operating bases simultaneously in support of global operations.  She enjoys volunteering with the Red Cross, and Kimberly is the Illinois State Ambassador for Home School Legal Defense Association Compassion, which allows her to serve homeschooling families in need.  Kimberly believes deeply in integrity, diligence, and service to others.   She is a life-long learner with a passion for foreign languages, music, and Brazilian martial arts.  Kimberly is excited to be part of the Ensign Peak Academy team!

Madison Maxwell

2022-2023 Mentor: Biology (live and self-paced)

Currently residing near Olympic National Forest in Washington, Madison Maxwell is a science educator in the virtual world and in person, with a love for both. She graduated from BYU – Provo in Biology Science Education and loved doing field research on endangered Utah fish while studying there. Before working for Ensign Peak Academy, she started broadening her skill set by undertaking personal creative projects, like coding and animating for video games, and recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book with hopes of creating more in her spare time.
She also enjoyed educating kids about marine science for the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, Washington. She and her husband have one son, and together they can be found exploring the pacific northwest, finding cool rocks and taking pictures of the wildlife. She also has two cats (who sometimes like to make appearances while teaching) that she loves snuggling while playing video games. Madison believes that hands-on learning and games go hand in hand to create a more joyful school experience. She’s had a great experience teaching the students of Ensign Peak Academy and is glad to be a part of the team!

Nellie Johnston

2022-2023 Mentor: Health (live and self-paced)

Nellie Johnston has a strong foundation in health sciences. She graduated with both her BS and MS in Athletic Training from Brigham Young University. Her degrees helped her develop a strong testimony of the creation and the sacredness of the human body.  Upon graduation, she taught health and PE at a private middle school for several years before she had her oldest child. About five years ago, she started Little Sprouts Cooking, now Growing Thyme Cooking. She has spent the last five years teaching over two thousand kids how to cook and how the nutrients in our food affect our bodies. She is a certified Kids Nutrition Specialist and is passionate about educating families about the benefits of healthy eating and the importance of taking care of our bodies.

Nellie lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and four kids. When she isn’t in the kitchen with her students, she is outside in nature. She loves gardening, hiking and camping with her family.

Jeff Jensen

2022-2023 Mentor: Modern World History (LC 1, 2, 5 and 6), Korean 1 (live and self-paced)

Mr. Jensen’s enthusiasm for the Gospel and teaching will knock your socks off! He has been described as “ultra cheery in an almost unhuman way” by many of his former students. Mr. J sees the light of Christ in all and tries his best to teach to that divine potential and to help all feel the spirit which draws out that spark of amazing awesomeness we all possess.  He is a beloved mentor for youth and has taught history, geography, and government and economics courses for ten years.  He has been with Ensign Peak Academy since it was first established. He was recognized by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library as a noteworthy Reagan historian and invited to address them in September 2018. He has published articles in peer reviewed history and academic journals on the RMS Titanic and served as an assistant editor and historical consultant on three BYU publications in the “Saints at War” program. He graduated from BYU with a BA in History and a BS in Child & Human Development. He hopes to one day launch his dream project, “Highways of Heroes,” honoring our nation’s veterans. He enjoyed serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Korea and has spent time as a service volunteer at two orphanages in Thailand.

For 20 years, he has been active in the Sunday School organization, serving as a teacher multiple times and as Sunday School president on both the Ward and Stake level on multiple occasions. Currently he works with YSA and special needs youth as a High Councilor in Saratoga Springs. Harmonizing his faith with his teaching talents is one of his greatest joys, and one he feels blessed to share with your children. He is currently working to help youth in financial need receive scholarships for educational travel to the Holy Land and other spiritually significant sites with the Gather-NOW program.

Jeff’s greatest passion is for his faith and family. He and his wife have welcomed three enthusiastic and passionate boys into their family who always keep them entertained and on their toes. Hiking by day and stargazing by night, being outdoors surrounded by nature is Jeff’s happy place. He also loves relaxing to movie scores, occasionally escaping to Middle-earth, chatting with complete strangers, and finding beauty and meaning in cultures across the world.

Molly Anderson

2022-2023 Mentor: Entrepreneurship (live and self-paced)

Marie at Heirloom Gallery smMarie Withers

2022-2023 Mentor: Studio Art (all live and self-paced), High School Art Appreciation (live and self-paced), Yearbook

Marie Withers is an artist and instructor. Her Education includes a Master of Arts (MA, 2019) in Art Education at Brigham Young University (BYU), a BFA Degree in Art Education from Utah State University (USU, 1988), and a BS Degree in Home Economics Education from the University of Idaho (UI, 1982). She teaches painting and drawing; and is also fluent in graphic design and photography.  From 1997 to 2017, she was a graphic designer and eventually a multi-media designer at BYU. Currently, she makes and sells fine art (mostly oil paintings) and prints, in galleries, shows and online. Her work is primarily with the landscape, but she has also created figure and portrait work. She taught high school art and home economics at South Fremont High School in Idaho for two years, prior to becoming a graphic designer.  During three different summers, she taught drawing and painting at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan. In 1996 she had the opportunity of being an artist-in-residence for Fox Hollow Elementary School in Idaho Falls. Born in upstate New York, she spent most of her formative years in Moscow, Idaho, eventually making her way to Southeast Idaho and Utah. She now resides in Rexburg, Idaho.

Having had the opportunity of teaching early-morning Seminary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints one year,  she appreciates how art and Gospel beliefs are so intertwined. Some of her artwork depicts events in Church history. She is passionate about both art and teaching and finds great pleasure in helping students discover things about our world through art.

Benjamin Muhlestein

2022-2023 Mentor: Modern World History (LC 3, 4 and self-paced), Principles of Leadership (live and self-paced), Senior Capstone Project

Benjamin S. Muhlestein resides in Overton, Nevada and is a husband and father of a beautiful wife and six wonderful children. He served a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. He received his Bachelor’s of Paralegal Studies from Utah Valley University in 2002, and earned his Master’s Degree in Classical Liberal Arts from George Wythe University in 2016. He has mentored youth and adults nationally and internationally for many years. He taught Seminary for an entire school year as a student teacher.  He is the Founder of Illuminating the Light Within, Restoringthefounders.com, The Quintilian School of Oratory, and The George Washington Character Curricula. Benjamin has a deep passion for learning and teaching principles of liberty and freedom, and has great faith in the rising generation of youth to rise to the full potential of who God needs them to become.

Madeline Reynolds

2022-2023 Mentor: High School Music Appreciation (live and self-paced)

My name is Madeline Reynolds and I grew up in Nashville, TN and Houston, TX.  I am the second of five children and the only daughter.  I loved the opportunity I had to serve as a full-time missionary in the Utah, Ogden mission.  Currently, I am engaged to be married this October 2022 and look forward to this exciting next chapter of my life.  I am currently a student at Brigham Young University- Idaho pursuing a degree in choral music education hoping to teach high school choir once I graduate.  I have always had a strong love and passion for music, taking piano lessons and participating in choir from a young age.  I find great joy in sharing my love for music and the gospel through teaching and performing.  In addition to music, I also enjoy baking, reading, and spending time with my dog and family. I live with my husband Taylen in Rexburg, Idaho.

Katie Burch

2022-2023 Mentor: Career and College Prep (live and self-paced)

Katie Burch graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a B.S. in Professional Studies with a double minor in History and English and a cluster in Educational Foundations. She worked as a Career and Academic Advisor for Brigham Young University-Idaho guiding students through their college experience and providing resources to help prepare them for graduation and their future careers. She has experience in the public school classroom and as a private English tutor. Katie is passionate about education and loves helping students along their educational journey.

Katie’s greatest love is her family, and she and her husband recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives. Outside of teaching, Katie can be found spending time with her family, reading, painting watercolors, and enjoying the outdoors. She resides in Rexburg, Idaho, supporting her husband as he continues his degree at BYUI. She is excited to be teaching at Ensign Peak Academy and looks forward to helping guide students to their future college and career paths.

Megan Anderson

2021-2022 Mentor: Running

2022-2023 Mentor: Running

Mother, Wife, Nutrition Coach, Ultrarunner, Triathlete, & CrossFitter

Growing up I was an avid basketball player. I dabbled in other sports, nothing too serious.

10 years ago I started running and haven’t stopped since.  I have run everything from a 5k to a 100 mile ultramarathon (yes all on my own 2 feet and yes without stopping). In the last few years I became a Nutrition Coach, began CrossFit and completed my first 70.3 Ironman.  Fitness has given me not only physical health but mental health and strength as well.

Laurence Hill

2022-2023 Mentor: Yoga