Emerald Unit Study Schedule

Emerald Unit Study Schedule is a future release. It will be the focus of our 3rd – 6th Grade Live Program in 2023-2024.

Gem, Emerald, Stones

These unit studies are designed for 3rd – 6th Grade students.

US Modern History (20 topics)

Modern World History (20 topics)

Beginning with the Age of Exploration, children will explore some of the major events, people and places of the Modern Age, up to World War II. This unit study will cover the Qing and Ming Dynasties of China, the Chinese Civil War and revolution, Japan’s Edo Period, the Safavid Dynasty, the Age of Imperialism, India’s Great Mughal and Maratha Periods, Australian history, pre-colonial and colonial Africa, South American independence, the Josean Dynasty in Korea and the division of Korea. Children will learn about World War I, Russian czars, revolution, the Soviet Union and the Cold War. 

Geography of North America (10 topics)

Explore Canada, the United States and Mexico through this exciting geography unit study. Students will learn to appreciate the culture and physical features of each nation. They will also learn basic map skills and geography terms. The focus of this unit study is to inspire gratitude for our beautiful world and all of God’s children.

Plants (20 topics)

Explore the wonderful world of plants in this fun unit study. Students will learn to identify different plant parts, photosynthesis, plant reproduction through seeds, flowers, fruit and pollination. Discover different types of trees, cacti, mosses and ferns. Learn about gardens, greenhouses, farms, vineyards and orchards. Compare annuals, perennials and biennials. Understand vascular vs non-vascular plants. Find out about plant defenses and plants used as medicine. Students will also learn about botanists.

Physical Science (20 topics)

In this unit study, students will learn about the seasons, weather, the water cycle and the atmosphere. They will study measurement, magnetism, matter, mass, volume, density and vacuum. They will discover the fascinating properties of electricity, light, heat, temperature, forces and momentum. Students will learn about momentum, different forms of energy, motion and sound. They will gain a basic understanding of the atom, elements, solutions and chemical and physical change. They will also learn about simple machines.

Great Inventors (10 topics)

Be introduced to some of the world greatest inventors and learn their fascinating stories of triumph and failure. This unit study introduces children to Orville and Wilbur Wright, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Archimedes, Temple Grandin, James Watt and Johannes Gutenberg.

Architecture Appreciation (10 topics)

Justice for All (20 topics)