Elementary School Program




We are delighted for the opportunity to share our elementary school program with you. This program has been thoughtfully prepared to inspire and engage each individual student in a rich academic adventure, taught in light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ensign Peak Academy’s elementary school program is designed to teach members and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Parents love the Elementary School Program because…

  • Incorporation of academics with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The unique team effort between parents and school, to teach children
  • Easy to use! No lesson plans – just simple sets of beautiful, inspiring unit studies
  • Well-organized, consistent and thoughtfully prepared units and topics
  • Works for individual students, families, and learning communities


Children love the Elementary School Program because…

  • Delightfully written and illustrated stories for each topic
  • Fun and memorable activities
  • Engaging videos to help them see and understand each topic better
  • Plenty of choice – unit studies and topics can be explored in any order


The Unit Study Model

Children thrive when they are engaged in a subject, learn at their own pace and according to their level of interest.

Each subject is presented as a unit study, comprised of an exciting and well-organized set of topics, and a variety of easy-to-use learning and teaching resources.

A word from one of our authors:

Crystal Haitsma“I am an author for Ensign Peak, and a homeschool mother of 4. When I got started writing for this project, writing was something that I enjoyed, but I hadn’t done in years. Both my children and I got so interested and invested in the biographies that I was writing, that we read everything we could find on each person. We had a great time together researching and reading, and my kids would even enjoy listening to the autobiography of Gandhi or writings from philosophers! After getting back into writing, I started reading more for leisure as well. After reading several books on my own, unrelated to my bios, I also started writing book reports after each book that I finished. My kids couldn’t figure out why I would do something like that, and I responded: “because it’s fun!” And it’s true. We all have loved learning together, and it’s inspired me, as a mother, to delve into my own learning and education.”    –Crystal Haitsma

Ensign Peak Academy Unit Study Subjects include:

  • US History
  • World History and Geography
  • Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Biographies
  • Government and Citizenship

See the Recommended Unit Study Schedules below, for specific Unit Study titles.

Note: Our separate language arts and literature program will be available soon. See below for math program information.

Each Unit Study includes…

Unit Studies GraphicStories: Each topic includes an engaging story, written for children, and designed to explain and tell about that topic. The stories are provided in the form of Google Slide Shows, and are nicely illustrated. Parents may prefer to use a tablet to read and discuss the stories, while sitting with their children on the couch, or they may show the story on a large screen. Older children may prefer to read the stories independently.

binder-2027716_640Unit Study Journal: Each student is invited to build a Unit Study Journal for each school year. For each topic studied, invite children to write, type or dictate the ideas they wish to remember, as pages in their Unit Study Journal. Instructions and examples are provided.


Illustrations and Graphics: Children are invited to draw or paint an illustration, or print a graphic, for each topic they study, and place their illustrations in their Unit Study Journal. A selection of beautiful and interesting graphics are provided in the Unit Study, for this purpose.


children-593313_640Videos: Embedded videos are provided for  each topic in all Unit Studies. All videos have been previewed and carefully selected to insure that they are interesting, engaging, age-appropriate, and in keeping with common standards of decency.


people-2564425_640Apps and Websites: Links to educational apps and websites are provided for most topics, in all Unit Studies. These apps and websites provide an enriching place for children to further explore the topic. They are age-appropriate and in keeping with common standards of decency.


Activities: Links to simple activities are included with each Unit Study. These activities make learning more interesting, memorable and fun, while cultivating a love for learning in children’s hearts.



Timeline: Printable timeline cards are provided with each Unit Study. Families are invited to create a timeline to display in their homes.




Field Trips: Field trip ideas are included with each Unit Study. Fields trips are a great culminating activity, to encourage children to complete a Unit Study. They are also a great way to introduce a new Unit Study.


welcome-to-our-home-1205888_640Guests: Ideas are included for each Unit Study, for types of guests that you might invite to visit your home or your learning community, to share relevant ideas and experiences with the children, and answer any questions they may have.



Memorizations and Recitations: Quotes, passages, poems, and sayings are included with each Unit Study, for children to memorize and recite.




Culminating event: Ideas for culminating events are provided with each Unit Study, to do at the end of each unit. These events help inspire a love for learning in the hearts of children and cause their learning to be more memorable, meaningful and fun!



Gamification: Many children feel a much stronger desire to engage in learning when their progress is tracked with a point system, and the points are redeemable for rewards. This is an optional resource to use. Mom determines what rewards are offered, and the point value attached to each reward. A Unit Studies Point Tracker is provided.



Two Options for Families

Option A: Unit Studies Independent Use

  • Families and learning communities enjoy using the unit studies on their own.
  • No assignment submissions or feedback provided by Ensign Peak Academy.
  • One family/class subscription is used for all children, ages 5-11, in one immediate family or one classroom.
  • No application required
  • Enroll anytime by using the tuition payment tools located under each Unit Study description. (See below)
  • Language arts and literature not included at this time. These subjects will be available soon.
  • Math program information can be found below.

Option B: Enrolled Self-Paced Student

  • Student enrolls in specific unit studies
  • Parents serve as the primary mentor for their own children, as students progress through the topics and submit their work for feedback.
  • Students receive thoughtful video, audio and text feedback from caring Ensign Peak Academy mentors.
  • Certificate issued upon completion of each grade level, showing finished units for one schedule. History, science, fine arts, and biography units are used for grades K-6. Government and citizenship units are used for grades 4-6.
  • Application and $35 fee required for each student.
  • An elementary school student is defined as a student who is at least 5 years old, but who has not yet turned 12 years old, prior to September 1, 2019.
  • Language arts and literature not included at this time. These subjects will be available soon.
  • Math program information can be found below.
Elementary School Unit Studies Enrolled Self-Paced Student Tuition Options (Grades K-6) Lump Sum: First Student Monthly Payments: First Student Lump Sum: Sibling Monthly Payments: Sibling
2-Semester Full Schedule for 1 Enrolled Student (100 Topics) $450 10 Payments of $45 $400 10 Payments of $42
One 10-Topic Unit Study, for 1 Enrolled Student $45 NA $40 NA
One 20-Topic Unit Study for 1 Enrolled Student $90 NA $80 NA
One 30-Topic Unit Study for 1 Enrolled Student $135 NA $120 NA

Elementary School Application Button Draft

“Schedule A” Unit Studies

colonial-room-286338_640US History: The Colonial Era (20 topics)

Enrolled Student: $90

Family Independent Use: $20

Learn the exciting stories of Jamestown and the Pilgrims. Speculate on the fate of the Roanoke Colony. Enjoy exploring the history of each of the 13 colonies. Hear amount the colonists’ lifestyle, food, work, homes, education, religion, traditions and more. Find out about the fascinating history of Russian colonization in America. Discover the history of the Spanish colonizers in Florida and California.

Register Enrolled Student for US History: The Colonial Era Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, US History: The Colonial Era Unit Study Here:

rome-2614952_640Ancient Civilizations (20 topics)

Enrolled Student: $90

Family Independent Use: $20

Beginning with in introduction to archeology, children will explore some of the largest and most influential ancient civilizations. This unit study will cover Mesopotamia, Egypt, Nubia, Ancient Judaism, Christianity and Islam, West African Empires, Ancient India and Feudal Japan. Learn about Ancient Greece, from the birth of democracy and Sparta, to Alexander the Great. Discover the rise and fall of Rome, and Pax Romana. Journey back in time to the Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties of Ancient China, and learn about Confusionism, Daoism and the construction of the Great Wall. Explore Ancient America as you learn about the Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.

Register Enrolled Student for Ancient Civilizations Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, Ancient Civilizations Unit Study Here:

omega-nebula-11053_640Astronomy (20 topics)

Enrolled Student: $90

Family Independent Use: $20

Take an exciting journey to the stars, as you learn about the invention of the telescope through modern space exploration. Learn about each planet in our solar system, and the basics of gravity and planetary motion. Discover the fascinating characteristics of our moon and sun. Gain an appreciation for the variety and size of distant galaxies and nebulae. Learn some basic orienteering. Find out about the life cycle of stars, the variety of constellations, the mystery of black holes, and the nature of comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.

Register Enrolled Student for Astronomy Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, Astronomy Unit Study Here:


scientist-762627_640.jpgBiographies: Great Scientists (10 topics)

Enrolled Student: $45

Family Independent Use: $10

Discover the inspiring and exciting lives of some of the world’s greatest scientists. This unit study introduces children to Marie Curie, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Mary Anning, Michael Faraday, Alice Ball and Rachel Carson.

Register Enrolled Student for Biographies:  Great Scientists Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, Biographies: Great Scientists Unit Study Here:

invention-60529_640Biographies: Great Inventors (10 topics)

Enrolled Student: $45

Family Independent Use: $10

Be introduced to some of the world greatest inventors and learn their fascinating stories of triumph and failure. This unit study introduces children to Orville and Wilbur Wright, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Eli Whitney, Elon Musk, James Watt and Johannes Gutenberg.

Register Enrolled Student for Biographies: Great Inventors Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, Biographies: Great Inventors Unit Study Here:

violin-374096_640Music Appreciation (10 topics)

Enrolled Student: $45

Family Independent Use: $10

Children will discover the wonderful history of music, starting with the middle ages and the Renaissance, and then learning about the music and great composers of the Baroque Age, the Classical Period, the Romantic Era and the Twentieth Century. Enjoy learning about the instruments of the orchestra, and the modern genres of folk, pop, rock and jazz music. Children will be excited to learn some famous children’s songs. The unit study wraps up with a fascinating exploration of the world of composing, recording and performing.

Register Enrolled Student for Music Appreciation Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, Music Appreciation Unit Study Here:

us-capitol-477987_1280US Government and Citizenship (10 topics)

Enrolled Student: $45

Family Independent Use: $10

Upper elementary aged children will gain an appreciation for the US Government by learning about the US Constitution and Amendments, the three branches of government and the duties and powers of each, and how the state governments are organized – including the state courts. This Unit Study explains how towns, cities and counties form our local communities and how “we the people” can participate in government through the election process, political parties and lobbying our representatives.

Register Enrolled Student for US Government and Citizenship Unit Study Here:

Register for Family Independent Use, US Government and Citizenship Unit Study Here:

“Schedule B” Unit Studies – Available 2020

union-army-1608679_1280US History: The Founding of a Nation (20 topics)

This exciting Unit Study opens with the Boston Tea Party and takes children along on Paul Revere’s ride. Feel the determination as the colonists declare independence and endure the siege on Boston. Understand the opposing armies and commanders, and what women did to promote independence. Learn about traitors, spies, and the brave minutemen. Read about the main battles of the American Revolution, how the French helped the Americans, the struggle at Valley Forge, and the final surrender at Yorktown. Children will get to know George Washington as the indispensable American, and gain an appreciation for the blessings of Providence, as the young nation prevails against tyranny and goes on to write and ratify the US Constitution and elect the first president.

knight-54197_1280World History: The Middle Ages (20 topics)

Experience the drama, the excitement and the challenges of living in the Middle Ages! Visit castles, cathedrals and monasteries, ride into battle as a knight, and join the crusades. Discover what life was like for the commoners and learn about the Black Plague. Meet Charlemagne, the Vikings, William the Conqueror, the Anglo-Saxons and Genghis Khan. Hear the incredible stories of the Norman Conquest, the Magna Carta and the War of the Roses.

african-lion-951778_1280Science: The Animal Kingdom (30 topics)

This exciting Unit Study introduces children to animal classification and then dives into learning about a wide variety of animals, including arthropods, fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds. A thorough investigation of mammals includes big cats, ursidae (bear, panda), elephantidae, pinnipeds: (seals, sea lions and walrus) and cetacea (dolphin, whale, porpoise), primates, rhinocerotidae, equidae (horse, donkey, zebra, mule), cervidae (deer, elk, moose, reindeer), bovids (bison, buffalo, musk ox, sheep, goat, cattle), camelids (camels, llamas, alpacas), sirenia (manatees and dugong), pilosa (anteaters and sloths), cingulata (armadillo), marsupials, chiroptera (bat), Mustelidae (weasels, badgers, otters, martens, mink, wolverines) and Mephitidae: (skunks, stink badger), lagomorpha (rabbit, hare, Pika), rodentia and soricomorpha (shrew, mole, solenodon) and other even-toed ungulates (pig, piccary, hippo, giraffe). It includes an interesting treatment of other invertebrates (mollusks, worms, echinoderm, cnidarian, ctenophores, sponges, echdysozoa, spiralia) and ends with extinct animals.

usa-1779925_1280Biographies of American Founders (10 topics)

Children will get to know and appreciate these founders: George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay and John Witherspoon.

sculpture-2494548_1280Art Appreciation (10 topics)

This elegant and interesting Unit Study will introduce children to pre-historic art, classical Greece, Byzantine art, the art of the Renaissance and Romanticism, Impressionism and Symbolism, Abstraction and 20th and 21st Century art. They will learn about art studios, galleries and some of the world’s great art museums.



Government Forms (10 topics)

(Description coming soon)





Recommended Unit Study Schedules

Unit Studies and topics may be used in any order. These recommended schedules are for convenience in planning and are comprised of 100 topics each.

Release Years

  • Schedule A: 2019
  • Schedule B: 2020
  • Schedules C, D, E and F: 2021

Note: After the release date, all schedules will remain open for independent use and enrollment for future school years.

US History: The Colonial Era (20) US History: The Founding of A Nation (20) US History: The Building of a Nation (20) US History: The American Indians (20) US History: Our Immigrant Origins (20) US History: Slavery and the Civil War (20)
Ancient Civilizations (20) The Middle Ages (20) Modern World History (20) World Geography (20) US History: The Civil Rights Movement (10) US History: American Inventions (20)
Astronomy (20) The Animal Kingdom (30) The Human Body (20) Plants (20) Physical Science (20) Geology (10) and Ecosystems and Habitats (20)
Biographies: Great Scientists (10); Great Inventors (10) Biographies: American Founders (10) Biographies: Great Authors (10); Great Poets (10) Biographies: Great Leaders (10) Biographies: Great Explorers (10) Biographies: Great Religious Leaders (10)
Fine Arts: Music Appreciation (10) Fine Arts: Art Appreciation (10) Fine Arts: Theater Appreciation (10) Fine Arts: Dance Appreciation (10) Fine Arts: Architecture Appreciation (10) Fine Arts: Shakespeare (10)
US Government and Citizenship (10) Basic Government Forms (10) US Presidents


A Survey of Countries and Kingdoms (20) Principles of Liberty (30) Our Nation’s Capitol


100 Topics 100 Topics 100 Topics 100 Topics 100 Topics 100 Topics


Elementary School Math, through Math Inspirations, is now available for Independent Use. Visit our Math Inspirations page for full details.

Language Arts and Literature

Coming Soon