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Tour Schedule

Our exciting, life changing tours are primarily geared for high school aged Latter-day Saint students. Middle school students may participate with a parent or guardian. High school students may participate without a parent. A chaperone is provided for each small group of high school students. Parents, mentors, staff and adult family members and friends are invited to go on any of our tours as well. Our tours are open to the public so students do not need to be enrolled in Ensign Peak Academy to participate. 

July 1-10, 2021: Holy Land Tour 

         Optional July 10-11 Jordan extension and July 12-17 Egypt Extension

          Visit our Holy Land Tour page for complete details.

July 19, 2021 – Aug 2, 2022: American Heritage Church History Tour

          Visit our American Heritage Church History Tour page for complete details.

July 2022: Europe

July 2023: China

July 2024: Latin America


Event Schedule

June 22-25, 2021: Simulations Week

          Visit our Simulations Week page for complete details.