Middle School Mentors

Chris HeadshotChristopher Jones

2018-2019 Live Program: American and British Literature, English: Focus on Language Arts

2019-2020 Live Program: World Literature, English: Language Arts Companion

Christopher Jones (alias Mr. C) has for several years taught classes on history, civics, and Defense Against the Dark Arts both on- and off-line as part of the growing private/homeschool movement. This will be his third year teaching full time. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Classics (Roman History) and minors in English and History, and has a lifetime in politics—including running a presidential campaign–to go with acting, singing, and writing. A sought-after speaker on education and history, he is also a working writer, with four published books, dozens of articles and essays, and a long-running popular blog. Mr. C resides in Lehi, UT with his wife Mrs. C, their eight children, two cats, and a growing flock of free-range finches.

Paul HinksonPaul Hinkson

2018-2019 Live Program and Self-Paced Program: Science: Chemistry and Ecology, Science: Geology and Astronomy

Paul graduated from UVU with an Associates of Science and is currently working on a Bachelors in Physics Education and Masters in Education. He is a foam sword enthusiast and plans how to terraform Mars in his spare time. Paul will respond to the names Paul, Beardy, Brother Beardy and ‘you.’ He lives in Mt. Pleasant, UT with his wife Christine (Sister Brother Beardy) and a flock of chickens and ducks.

Connie VossConnie Voss

2018-2019 Live Program and Self-Paced Program: US History, Principles of Liberty Part I

2019-2020 Live Program and Self-Paced Program: World History, Principles of Liberty Part II

Connie Voss graduated from Brigham Young University and New England College. Her Master’s degree is in Public Policy, with a 4.0 GPA and a perfect score on her thesis. She has many years of teaching experience, including early morning seminary. She also served an LDS mission in New Mexico and Colorado. In addition, she keeps active in local elections and state political issues.  A native Californian, Connie homeschooled five successful children. She and her husband Bob live in Paradise, California with their dog Odie.

Karen WardKaren Ward

2018-2019 Live Program: Art Appreciation

My name is Karen Ward. While I was in middle school I attended a Civics Club and an Art Class. At that moment in time I decided that I was ether going to be a Constitutional Lawyer or an Artist. I then went on to study everything else and explore every other career path. I am now studying illustration (And loving it!) and biology as a Junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Coincidentally, my husband’s goal is to become a Constitutional Lawyer. So I get the best of both worlds. We also have a sweet little boy named Ethan.

I have taken art classes since I was 9 years old. I have always used colors to express my feelings and emotions. I have also always had an interest in the human body. I have been able to combine both of these interests and my long-term goal is to become a medical illustrator, and own my own studio where I can teach. I want to share my love of art with others and inspire them to create. My inspiration for Art comes from humanity, the colors around us, and the scriptures. Some of my favorite life accomplishments include, serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, marrying my husband, Caleb, having my little boy, Ethan, and having nine of my art pieces displayed in the Spori Student Art Gallery at BYUI.

Some of my hobbies include, but are definitely not limited to, painting, drawing, reading, walking, spending time with family, and training for a Spartan Race that will happen in the very distant future.

Carolyn MarriottCarolyn Marriott

2018-2019 Live Program: US Geography, Spanish

2019-2020 Live Program: World Geography, Spanish

Carolyn Marriott has a passion for learning and teaching. Besides homeschooling her own seven children since 1993, she has years of experience teaching youth in church and academic settings. Recognizing the value of contributing to and gaining from a community, she and her children have participated in homeschool groups in Washington and Utah where she has taught a variety of topics from Spanish, to U.S. History, to Economics. Currently, she serves as chair of Lighthouse Commonwealth of Iron County.

Carolyn has traveled in Chile, Central America, Europe, Canada, Argentina, and the United States, broadening her appreciation for the beautiful world and its people. She served a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and received a BA in Spanish from Brigham Young University.

Currently, Carolyn lives with her husband and youngest daughter, Lizzy, in their historic home in Beaver, Utah. She loves gardening, eating chocolate ice cream, reading, going on long walks; and she now understands why grandparents brag about their grandkids so much.

Leah_JeppsonLeah Jeppson

2019-2020 Live Program: Music Appreciation

Leah Jeppson (soon to be Leah Ellis) was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah. She currently resides in Rexburg, Idaho where she is on track to graduate in July of 2019 with a BA in Music with a string emphasis and a minor in Marriage and Family Studies. She has been playing music since she was five years old, when she received her first violin. Leah enjoyed 19 years of private violin lessons, including 8 years under the instruction of Emily Day-Shumway, former member of the Utah Symphony and Concert Mistress of the Utah Chamber Orchestra. Leah performed in the Utah Youth Philharmonic for 6 years, and in the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra and ensembles for 3 years, along with multiple community orchestral and choral events. Leah attended the Lyceum Music Festival in 2011. Leah also performed with her family bluegrass band “The Wildflowers” as a fiddler and vocalist for 8 years, which brought her much joy and sparked her desire to perform and share music with others. While violin is Leah’s main instrument, she also enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and singing in home activities and numerous events. Leah has 2 years’ experience as a private tutor in elementary level reading, literature, art and music theory, and has 10 years’ experience teaching private violin lessons to students of all ages. She has taught two previous online Music Appreciation courses. Leah served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission, Portuguese speaking, which was one of the great joys in her life. Along with music, Leah also enjoys drawing, painting with watercolors, reading, and being with her friends, family and soon-to-be husband Spencer Ellis.

Rachel SniderRachel Snider

Self-Paced Program: American and British Literature, English: Focus on Language Arts

Rachel Snider has had her nose in a book ever since kindergarten. This habit led to her eventual graduation in 2001 from Brigham Young University with a degree in English Literature. She homeschools her 5 children and has taught various classes for Kaplan. She has also mentored classes at Front Range Liberty Commonwealth in Broomfield, Colorado, and acts as a writing mentor and coach whenever she gets the opportunity. She always has quite a tower of books on her nightstand which she loves to read and discuss.