Teaching Your Children to Read Using the Book of Mormon

Teach Your Child To Read Using the Book of Mormon is a course that has been adapted from the tutoring manual authored by Dr. Grant Von Harrison, noted authority on effective reading instruction.  This reading program is based on the Structured Tutoring model designed by Dr. Harrison after 2 decades of researching the best methods for teaching reading.  Selected for the National Diffusion Network, nominated as a promising practice in Right to Read and written up in the Harvard Education Review, Structured Tutoring and is classroom version have had a significant impact on thousands of parents, teachers and tens of thousands of students over the years.

At its inception, tutorial and classroom versions of the Harrison’s research exemplified direct of explicit instruction in the era of outcomes-based education. It contained each of the four focuses of the National Reading Panel’s recommendation decades before the Panel’s research was published:

  • Explicit instruction in phonemic awareness (words can be broken into smaller sounds)
  • Systematic phonics instruction (blending and non-word reading)
  • Methods to improve fluency (reading rate exercises)
  • Ways to enhance comprehension (vocabulary building and reading comprehension passages)

Harrison’s work also followed the recommendations of Educational Programs that Work and Effective School’s research.  The report found that there are unique characteristics and processes common to education where all children are learning, regardless of family background, or aptitude, which was commonly thought to be the determinant as to whether a child could learn to read or not.  Harrison’s Structured Tutoring model and also the classroom model have proven to be effective for all children, especially those thought to be unable to master reading for all of the common explanations of failure to learn.

Research has shown that the root cause of failure of a child to learn to read is the inability to blend letters sounds to form words.  Based on this finding, procedures are provided in this course for teaching children to blend letter sounds.  In addition, the lessons cover other critical aspects of reading.  In the lessons it is explained how to:

1) teach letter sounds and basic attack skills (blending individual sounds to form words)

2) teach the most frequently encountered sight words (those whose          pronunciation must be memorized (e.g., the where)

3) teach phonetic rules

4) teach students to read fluently and comprehend what they read

The only way to ensure children are proficient in their ability to “decode” or sound out words, is to give them extensive practice reading phonetically regular words which have not been encountered previously.  The surest way to do this, is to have them read nonsense words (e.g., faf, thexcon, brime).  For this reason, the child is given practice decoding nonsense words to ensure their ability to decode new words that haven’t been encountered before.

The Book of Mormon is a perfect text for teaching reading because in the process of reading the Book of Mormon, the critical sub-skills of reading are practiced over and over again.  Children who can read the Book of Mormon fluently do not experience difficult reading other materials.


It is important to read the Guidelines, as well as General Techniques and Procedures.  Also, make sure you become familiar with the sound guide provided before proceeding with the course.


Grant Von HarrisonDr. Grant Von Harrison, author of Teaching Your Children to Read Using the Book of Mormon, obtained his Ed.D. from UCLA. Shortly after receiving his advanced degree, he became cofounder of the Instructional Sciences Department at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.





Jan HydeJan Harrison Hyde is the daughter of Grant Von Harrison, author of Teaching Your Children To Read Using the Book of Mormon. She oversees all aspects of the Ensign Peak Academy Elementary School Language Arts Program.

She has four children and taught all of them to read before entering school using her father’s instructional materials for teaching reading.

She served a mission in Milan, Italy and graduated from BYU.

Jan is passionate about literacy and has been teaching reading for over 30 years. She currently has her own private tutoring business where her focus is on teaching reading and ESL.  She has also worked as a Reading Curriculum Consultant.

Jan lived in Boise, Idaho for over 20 years where she taught at the College of Western Idaho and various public and private schools in the Boise area.

In all of her years teaching, her greatest joy and fulfillment has come from teaching her own children to read and watching them develop a love for reading and books.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, gardening, the outdoors, sports, music, dance and reading.