Dyslexia Consulting

We are delighted to offer a dyslexia consulting service to Ensign Peak Academy students and parents. You may meet with the consultant as often as needed, to learn strategies for dealing with dyslexia and to know that there is hope for a bright future full of endless possibilities.

Meet Lindy McKay

Lindy McKay is a homeschool mother of five boys, all of whom have dyslexia. 

When teaching her oldest son, Lindy was shown how different minds need to be taught differently, and that was the foundation for her passion in dyslexic assessment, intervention, and accommodations. 

Since that time, Lindy has become a certified Barton Reading and Spelling tutor. She has also become a certified dyslexia consultant through Bright Solutions for Dyslexia. She has been trained in Lindamood Bell’s “Seeing Stars” and “Visualizing and Verbalizing” programs. She has also tutored children in a variety of literacy programs designed with dyslexic children in mind.

Lindy knows what it feels like to be alone and hopeless when confronted with the realities of dyslexia. That is exactly why she is so excited to be part of the Ensign Peak Academy: to help families dealing with dyslexia know that there is not only hope, but a bright future full of endless possibilities. She hopes to help parents and students navigate their route to success.

How to Purchase Consulting Sessions

Dyslexia consulting sessions must be purchased prior to setting up your consulting appointments. You may purchase any number of sessions on the Tuition webpage, as often as you like. Each 30-minute session is $20. 

How to Sign up for a Dyslexia Consulting Session

After purchasing consulting sessions, you’ll be enrolled in the Dyslexia Consulting service in Canvas where you will be able to access the sign-up sheet.