Independent Use Courses

Purchase any course for independent use.

For individual students, families, co-operative learning groups and other academies

Planning to homeschool? Leading a co-op or academy for Latter-day Saints? We can help! Our easy-to-use, beautifully designed courses are available for anyone, without the need to enroll in Ensign Peak Academy.

Courses purchased for independent use are provided to you in Canvas, an online learning management system. Your access will never expire.

When using our courses for homeschool:

  • The parent is considered the teacher
  • Parents are responsible for meeting state requirements
  • Parents may choose to compile a portfolio for their student, in addition to creating homeschool records — for example, a high school transcript
  • Parents award high school diplomas in accordance with their state guidelines, or when they feel their student has fulfilled high school requirements

Here is a helpful article from

Homeschool vs Online School Differences

Instructions for Individuals

If you are not part of a group and simply wish to study any course as an individual, you may purchase them in this shop. After receipt of purchase, we will set up your account in Canvas and add you to the course that you purchased. You may start anytime and take as long as you need to complete the course.

Ensign Peak Academy does not provide the following services for students in our Independent Use courses: live teaching, submissions, feedback, grading, clubs, certificates, grade reports, transcripts or high school credit.

Instructions for Groups

Elementary School

Planning to offer elementary school classes for your co-operative learning group or academy?

  • Simply send us the first and last names and email addresses of your mentors and the course(s) they will be teaching. Email your list to There is no need to include students names because elementary school independent students do not submit work in Canvas.
  • One mentor license provides access to the learning and teaching resources for one class.
  • Class licenses are not to be shared with other parents in your group, but are only for the direct use of one mentor. If a parent wishes to use a course in their home, they should purchase their own license.

Elementary School Group Pricing:

  • Per-class cost for one K-1st grade language arts course* (literature studies only) is $25
  • Per-class cost for one 2nd-6th grade language arts course* (literature studies + writing studies) is $45
  • Per-class cost for one unit of Teaching Children to Read Using the Book of Mormon is $25
  • Per-class cost for a 10-topic unit study is $10, a 16-topic unit study is $16, 20-topic unit study is $20, a 30-topic unit study is $30

*Independent language arts courses do not include IXL or accounts, office hours, clubs, portfolio reviews or certificates.

***Teaching Textbooks should be purchased for each individual child.

Middle and High School

Planning to offer middle school or high school classes for your co-operative learning group or academy?

Middle and High School Group Instructions

  • Simply prepare a spreadsheet with the first and last names and email addresses of your mentors (teachers) and their students, for each course you wish to offer. Send the spreadsheet to
  • We will send an invoice to you for the total amount.
  • Your account will be set up in Canvas.
  • A course section will be created for each of your teachers and their students. Your students will be able to submit assignments, take quizzes, post comments and take final exams, all within Canvas. Your mentors will be able to provide feedback and grading services, post announcements and communicate with students all through Canvas.
  • In addition, all of your mentors will be added to our Independent Use Mentor Training and Information Center, which provides instructions for how to use and teach our courses and unit studies. Phone and email support is also included for mentors and group leaders.

Middle and High School Group Pricing:

  • Per-student costs are $45 per 2-semester course and $25 per 1-semester course
  • Per-mentor costs are $65 per 2-semester course and $35 per 1-semester course


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