Simulations Week

What is Simulations Week?

Middle and high school students have an opportunity to gather in person, from around the nation to engage in realistic, hypothetical high-stakes scenarios designed to bring out their ability to respond to crisis, while practicing the art of persuasion. Simulations are beyond fantasy role playing and do not follow a script, but are problems that requires the youth attendees to negotiate, compromise, persuade, debate, strategize, challenge each other, and use their wits and their knowledge to create and engage ideas to solve the problems together.
Evening activities provide exciting and interesting opportunities for youth to associate together for friendship and for strengthening meaningful relationships. These activities include the “Opening Night” performance, a game night, the “Improv Night” talent and variety show, a formal youth banquet and a family ball.
The spirit of the event has been maintained through the years by the incredible youth who choose to attend, and the dedicated influence of our incredible adult mentors and youth “Sim Team.”
Note that youth attendees and their families often refer to this event as “Sim Week.”

Simulations Week is held in Utah, during the second week in June.

Scenario Schedule:

June 2019: The Clash of the Cultures – Students pretend to be members of various historical cultures, brought together to create a unified government.

June 2020: Choose Your Own Adventure – Students choose to compose music, create original art, write a constitution, or invent new Olympic sports.

June 2021: Crossfire on the Floor: A Legislative Simulation – Student impersonate Congressmen and Senators, to propose and debate bills.

June 2022: The Surprise Summit: An Out of This World Social Experiment – Students impersonate heads of state and draft proposals to solve some of the world’s most compelling challenges.


Simulations are awesome!!!

  • Explore courageous solutions to futuristic scenarios
  • Practice communication, persuasion and leadership
  • Apply your knowledge and test your wisdom
  • Discover human nature
  • Experience teamwork and group deliberation

As used by top colleges and industries throughout the world, simulations are a proven way to prepare for real action, influence and critical decision making.