Audrey Rindlisbacher Assembly

Hello Friends,

We loved having Audrey Rindlisbacher speak to us at our recent assembly. If you missed it, you will enjoy this video recording:

Audrey Rindlisbacher Assembly: “Why and How to Live a Mission Driven Life”

Presentation Description: Why do some people achieve immense positive impact in the world while so many of us struggle to figure out who we are and how we can make a difference? What can the lives of the great leaders teach us about how to find our own path to a meaningful, mission driven life? Join us as Audrey shares the pattern in these leaders lives that truly empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

Audrey would like to give you a free gift, to help you unfold your mission driven potential. Click here to receive your gift:

7 Day Free Trial

Some items in the gift are great for moms and some are great for everyone – youth and adults.

Thanks Audrey!!