K-6 Language Arts

Our Elementary Language Arts Program invites you and your children to:

  • enter into engaging new worlds
  • exercise imagination
  • focus on building testimony
  • strengthen family bonds
  • develop and reinforce foundation skills
  • create new and beautiful works

The program is divided into three age groups: Kindergarten-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade and 4th-6th Grade), thus allowing students to learn and develop at an age appropriate level. Each year’s studies are named after different types of explorers and adventures to remind students that learning is one of the grandest adventures of all!

Our simple to follow, flexible weekly schedules allow parents to determine when and how often to learn, within each week.

Canyon, Children, Hike, Kids, Landscape, Nature

Weekly/Daily Schedules

K-3rd grade students: 60 minutes per day, 4 days per week

4th-6th grade students: 90 minutes per day, 4 days per week

Younger students need more help and support. Older students can do much of the work independently, with regular opportunities to evaluate and reflect with parents.  

Mentor, Help, Climbing, Hand, Adventure, Mountain, Sky

We provide:

  • sample schedules
  • pacing options
  • activities
  • celebrations
  • regularly scheduled mentor meetings for enrolled students
  • monthly book club for enrolled students in grades 2-6, typically hosted on one Wednesday each month

Our carefully designed programs provide you with maximum flexibility while giving your children a truly beautiful and engaging learning experience.  Course projects and experiences have been thoughtfully aligned with Utah State Language Arts Standards to ensure that your child is ready to embrace his or her academic future with confidence.

To learn more about each level of our Elementary Language Arts Program, click the links below:

Kindergarten-1st Grade

2nd Grade-3rd Grade

4th Grade-6th Grade