Mentor Appreciation Week

We are tremendously grateful for each of our caring, dedicated mentors, for teaching and inspiring our terrific students.

Thanks to all the students and parents who expressed gratitude to our mentors for their influence, care, teachings, example, support, guidance or for going the extra mile.

Thanks so much to all the parents and students who contributed to our Mentor Christmas Gift Fund. A total of $1,575 was donated which provides a $45 Amazon eGift card for each of our 35 mentors and staff.

Notes of Gratitude

The following notes of gratitude were submitted through the Gratitude Portal during Mentor Appreciation Week and marked as “public.” Notes marked as “private” were emailed to the mentors indicated.

To Ben Muhlestein: “Mr. M! You make History fun- even the boring parts where there’s no death 🤪 I look forward to the singing we get every week and am currently inspired for a Mr. Muhlestein musical. Thank you for being awesome!!” –Ella Zundel

To Heidi Anderson: “You’re the best English and Literature a girl could ask for- really!! Classes are always fun and full of great conversations and laughter. I love it! Thanks for everything 💖” –Ella Zundel

To Jeff Jensen: “I am very grateful that he made history seem more interesting and fun for me, before high school I didn’t really appreciate or like history very much but his classes have made me look at history differently and I have enjoyed learning history in his classes. I have taken his classes for almost three years now and I am grateful for each one!” –Anonymous

To Heidi Pope: “I am so impressed by the loving and patient way that you field all of the amazing questions that come your way during class. Thank you for calm demeanor and encouraging style.” –Rutherford Family

To Kimberly Bingham: “I am grateful she makes learning so much fun. Her interactions with Orin in class are really funny and wholesome. I also am grateful for how understanding she is when our technology isn’t working.” –Anonymous

To Kelsey Parrish: “I admire how excited you get about what you teach! It rubs off so well, and I love learning in the environment that you’ve made for our class. You’re so patient and are so willing to take the extra time necessary to help us learn the subject at hand. I’m grateful to have you as a Biology teacher!” -Naomi Jensen

To Kimberly Bingham: “You are literally one of the most dynamite women I know! You do so much for the school, on and off screen. I really admire your hard work, and the atmosphere you create when you teach! Thank you for inspiring a good work ethic and caring habits!” –Naomi Jensen

To Katie Perry: “I’ve never been the best science student, but I really enjoy being in your class! You’re a great teacher- thank you for everything you do!” –Ella Zundel

To Marie Withers: “No matter what, you always make my bare minimum art pieces sound like a masterpiece, which I appreciate 😅 I love your classes- clubs included on that. Thank you!” –Ella Zundel

To Elementary and Middle School Teams: “We are brand new to Ensign Peak Academy & still finalizing enrollment at the time of this writing. We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to every member of the team who has assisted us thus far, including those behind the scenes. We are also grateful to all the mentors who will be working with our family in the future. Thank you!” –Rawley Family

To Katie Perry: “You are the best mom that I ever had. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to guide and direct me and my future.” –England Perry

To Austin Hepworth: “You have given me the best opportunity to fix the woes in this world via the I Believe contest. I am trying my absolute to submit the best that I can, and it won’t come easy, but I will do my best.” –England Perry

To Jeff Jensen: “Mr. J, I am so glad that you are my teacher again this year! Your class is one of my favorites and I look forward to it every week. Thank you for making class so fun!” –Olivia Van Orden

To Marie Withers: “Thank you for being my teacher this year. I have learned so much from you and I am glad that I decided to take this course.” –Olivia Van Orden

To Ben Muhlestein: “I’m so grateful for you Mr. M you always have the best lessons and the best discussions. learning with you has been so fun and the periodic random outbreaks in song crack me up. Thanks for being an awesome teacher!!” –Sophie Merkley

To Alyssa Jensen: “You’re hilarious and it’s so fun when we do riddles at the end of class. Thank you so much for class.” –Eden

To Kimberly Bingham: “Coming into this year, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Human Geography. Having you as a teacher has changed my perspective on what we are learning! You are such a great and fun teacher. I love when you do the accents when you read, and how you are always happy and have a good attitude! You definitely leave an example on those you teach, thanks Ms. Bingham!” –Mabel Talley

To Jennifer Mott: “Mrs. Mott, I don’t feel like you receive enough gratitude from me for everything you do for your students! You are always so understanding, and helpful and really care about your students. I can tell you truly want your students to succeed in what they do, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for always trying your hardest, It really means a lot to me!” –Mabel Talley

To Ben Muhlestein: “Mr. Muhlstein is a positive, encouraging, inspiring mentor. My son loves his class and looks forward to it every time. He values the feedback he receives and always wants to do his best, as Mr. Muhlstein inspires him to be a true learner. We are so grateful for him!!” –Marlise Smurthwaite

To Lethe Cheney: “She has helped me on my path of greatness.” Emma Hicken

To Marie Withers: “She has always loved my art. It has given me the strength to be a better me.” –Emma Hicken

To Heidi Pope: “She has done a lot for me. Especially last year. She gave me time to do my assignments.” –Emma Hicken

To Everyone at Ensign Peak: We are so grateful for the wonderful, caring mentors and administrative staff at Ensign Peak. You have been a huge blessing in our lives. Thank you for all you do!” –Palmer Family

To Katie Perry: “I love your jokes at the beginning of each class. It makes the class all the more fun.” –Jesse Stevens

To Victoria Rutherford: “Thank you for being the best and most understanding teacher!! I’ve been grateful for all of your help!!” –Summer R.

To Jennifer Shaw: “You are the best teacher for Chemistry!! Thank you for helping me understand things better, even when I’ve gotten them wrong!!” –Summer R.

To Kimberly Bingham: “Thanks for always being available to help me with Jesse’s classes.” –Suzanne Stevens

To Katie Perry: “Thank you for teaching Jesse in Earth Science. He is enjoying the class. I love how you teach and the fun way you present the material. I often chuckle at the “jokes” or way you teach the kids to make it fun.” –Suzanne Stevens

To Ryan Ferree: “Thanks for making math fun. Jesse enjoys the class and feels like he is learning. It is my joy when my kids find learning fun and don’t have to tell me they hate school. :)” –Suzanne Stevens

To Molly Anderson: “Thanks for teaching the entrepreneur class. The availability of the class helps Jesse to be well rounded. He is enjoying it all.” –Suzanne Stevens

To Diann Jeppson: “Thanks for creating this school. The type of learning, atmosphere, and clean is a blessing to our son. Jesse feels like he is learning in this school. Thanks again.” –Suzanne Stevens

To Ryan Ferree: “I love how focused he his during the lessons, making sure we understand the material and has just a nice atmosphere.” –Janson Smurthwaite

To Katie Perry: “She’s always totally cool with everything. She lets us draw on the screen to give our answer, and even has games sometimes!” –Janson Smurthwaite

To Elise Stolle: “She is very passionate about what she teaches. I love her explanations of the material.” –Janson Smurthwaite

To Victoria Rutherford: “She does a very good job at expounding on the material she teaches, always asking our thoughts and laughing at our jokes.” –Janson Smurthwaite

To Laura Waite: “Thank you for being a great teacher! Without you I would never be as successful as I am in writing and reading. Have a Merry Christmas!” –Jace Swigert

To Ryan Ferree: “Thank you for being a great Financial teacher! I have learned a lot in that class, and it is because of your teaching. Have a Merry Christmas!” –Jace Swigert

To Jeff Jensen: “Thank you for being a great teacher in the modern world history class! I have learned a lot and was reminded of many things in history that without it and your teaching, I would have never known! Have a Merry Christmas!” –Jace Swigert

To Kelsey Parrish: “Thank you for making biology so much easier to understand! without you I would have never understood anything related to biology! Have a Merry Christmas!” –Jace Swigert

To Desirea Forbes: “Thank you for helping me with math this semester! thanks to your easy-to-understand teaching I have found math more enjoyable! Have a Merry Christmas!” –Jace Swigert

To Everyone at Ensign Peak Academy: “Thank you for offering such a high quality, inspiring, and supportive education environment. I am grateful for the love and attention that mentors demonstrate in class, in checking in when students are missing assignments, and in giving feedback. Diann and Kimberly are so high-touch, responsive, and helpful. Whenever I’ve needed help I’ve felt like we were important to the school. What a great experience! I’m at the end of 28 years of educating our children using homeschool, various online schools, and one dabble at a charter school and I am grateful for all the good things available to us at Ensign Peak. You are a standout!” –Janet Fackrell

To All the Staff: “Thank you for being a light and a gift to the children taking the courses. To have a reminder daily of who they are and whose they are is the biggest gift my children could have in education. We are truly blessed to have found Ensign Peak and all the mentors that take the time to teach and care for them!” –Steve and Sherese Reed

To Heidi Pope: “Thank you for teaching me all about so many things. You are super sweet and super nice and I’m so happy you’re my mentor.” –Scarlette

To Heidi Pope: “I like that you help me with all of the things that I do. I like that you are so sweet. I love how you try to help me and how you are such a great teacher. I’m grateful for you.” –Serenity

To Lethe Cheney: “Thank you for helping me with literature and writing studies. I appreciate how much you work for us. I like how you help me and you understand everything. I love that you’re my teacher.” –Serenity

To Lethe Cheney: “Thank you for teaching me all about the things You know, and being so kind and sweet. You are so sweet just like me. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.” –Scarlette

To Alyssa Jensen: “I love how you put math quizzes at the beginning and the end of each lesson and all the fun activities. I’m grateful to you for letting me try again when I mess up or get things wrong. I like how you let us go into breakout rooms with other people. I love how you’re my math teacher.” –Serenity

To Ben Muhlestein: “Bro. M is soo fun!! Our daughter talks about how much she loves learning about liberty in his class. We are so grateful for him!!” –Suzan Wilson (Abigail’s mom)

To Von Hansen: “Our daughter has learned a lot so far this year in American History! We are grateful for Bro. Hansen’s love for America and patience with his students. Thank you for all you do!” –Suzan Wilson (Abigail’s mom)

To Lethe Cheney: “Mrs. Cheney has been a fabulous literature and writing teacher. She is very patient with her students and gives great advice and counsel. We appreciate you, Mrs. Cheney!” –Suzan Wilson (Abigail’s mom)