Mentor Appreciation Week

We are tremendously grateful for each of our caring, dedicated mentors, for teaching and inspiring our terrific students.

Thanks to the many students and parents who expressed gratitude to our mentors for their influence, care, teachings, example, support, guidance or for going the extra mile.

Thanks to the many parents and students who contributed to our Mentor Christmas Gift Fund. All contributions were combined and divided equally to to provide each mentor with a $20 Amazon eGift card.

Notes of Gratitude

Here are the public notes of gratitude submitted through the Gratitude Portal during Mentor Appreciation Week.

To Jeff Jensen: “Thank you for being so patient with me, especially in Korean. Thank you for also being so willing to help when I need it.” –Dylan Patterson

To Amy Cloud: “She was such an amazing teacher while I was still in Learning Community 2! Her teaching was fabulous, and she always made me feel included. She taught in a way that didn’t make me feel like I was stupid for not knowing some things. I miss having her as my Government teacher, but it’s so great that so many students still have her!” –Ella Zundel

To Laura Waite: “I am so grateful for all your kind notes about my work. Thank you for giving me feedback that has allowed me to grow. I love the English class I’m taking with you and can’t wait to do another one.” –Olivia Dinkelman

To Jeff Jensen: “Thank you for the classes you’ve created that I love working on! I’m so grateful for all of your hard work creating these classes and grading all my assignments.” –Anonymous

To Jim Herlihy: “I am grateful for Mr. Herlihy because he makes a not so interesting subject interesting.” –Tate Lillian

To Meredith Beard: “Thank you SOOO much for being a incredible mentor!!!” –Anonymous

To Amy Cloud: “Thank you for helping me understand the concepts of geometry. Thank you for taking time out of your life to teach me concepts to help me in life.” –Nathan Beard

To Ryan Ferree: I am grateful for him, because I would still be having a hard time with math. I am very glad that he is: a kind, helpful, and an understanding math teacher. I hope you’ll stick around till I graduate! Give or take in two years. –Brinley Meng

To Jeff Jensen: “Thank you for teaching me how to understand the history of the law of this law of country. Thank you for taking time out of your life to teach me concepts to help me in life.” –Nathan Beard

To Jeff Jensen: “He’s super fun and funny and we always have a blast in his class!” –Evie Larsen

To Meredith Beard: “Thanks for answering my questions and for sticking around.” –Aiden Hamaker

To Jennifer Shaw: “Thank you for teaching me about what the world is made of and what elements are made of. Thank you for taking time out of your life to teach me concepts to help me in life.” –Nathan Beard

To Kursten Mason: “She is encouraging when she advises you to make some changes in you assignment and when she teaches, she is makes it very easy to understand the lesson.”

To Nellie Johnston: “Thank you for teaching me how to understand how my body works and how to take care of my body. Thank you for taking time out of your life to teach me concepts to help me in life.” –Nathan Beard

To Megan Anderson: “Thank you for teaching e how to properly exercise so I don’t get hurt. Thank you for taking time out of your life to teach me concepts to help me in life.” –Nathan Beard

To Heidi Anderson: “Thank you for teaching me how to write properly. Thank you for teaching me about the worlds literature and the perspectives of the authors. Thank you for taking time out of your life to teach me concepts to help me in life.” –Nathan Beard

To Amy Cloud: “Thank you for making learning about our government and how it works an enjoyable experience.” –Kendie Young

To All Mentors: “I am very impressed with all of their tenacity. Keep it up!” –Anonymous

To Amy Cloud: “I’m so grateful that you are my teacher! I love that you always want to make sure that I and the rest of your students understand what you are teaching. I also love that if I have trouble getting something turned in or am a couple minutes late to class, you understand that ‘things happen.’ I’m so glad that I got you as one of my teachers, for two classes even!” –Zoe Smith

To Von Hansen: “I am very thankful he helped me convince myself to push on further, to challenge myself, to start debating and to start making my voice heard. He was super kind and super loving in class, just brought an overall amazing atmosphere. Von Hansen also was never afraid to speak his voice, speak his truths and beliefs, something that helped me do that as well even in front of people watching, now I know my voice can be heard. Also he gives great hugs.” –Ephraim Arnold

To Kursten Mason: “Thanks for all the interesting books you give us to read.” –Tate Lillian

To Ryan Ferree: “I am thankful that he was able to make fun for me and for others. I am now more smarter because of it, I’m not as lazy and I don’t hate math as much anymore. He is showing me where math can be applied in real life, not just find x by looking at a square 😉 He is an amazing dude and has helped me learn to do your best, even if you fail something will always come out of it and something amazing will happen if you strive and chase after your dreams and goals.” –Ephraim Arnold

To Jeff Jensen: “His teaching is fabulous! I love how vibrant he is about his opinions and every single one of the lessons. I love working on and submitting assignments for him because his feedback is always so informative and warm, and makes me feel like I did a good job!” –Ella Zundel

To Heidi Anderson: “Thank you to Mrs. Anderson for being such a great teacher! You are literally the best~ you’re so nice, and I love having class with you.”

To Jennifer Shaw: “I may not understand the subject that is taught very well, but I LOVE Mrs. Shaw’s spirit and character. She’s super funny, kind, and passionate about what she believes and loves. That is something to respect highly in a teacher.” –Ella Zundel

To Nellie Johnston: “Mrs. Johnston is amazing at dealing with so many students! There are so many of us in Health class, and she deals with us super confidently! The classes are always fun, and very informative, and I’m super thankful to have her as a teacher.” –Ella Zundel

To Aaron Andrews: “Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and helping us understand things in class. You make Biology fun!” –Anonymous

To Laura Waite: “Thank you for teaching and being patient with us.” –Rachel Rogers

To Amy Cloud: “Thank you so much for making Government class so fun! It is my favorite class and you make learning fun.” –Rachel Rogers

To Nellie Johnston: “Thank you for being patient and teaching us things to help keep our bodies healthy. I enjoy Health class.” –Rachel Rogers

To Corey Grint: “Thank you so much for making math class fun! You do a great job at teaching us things and making sure everyone understands it.” –Rachel Rogers

To Rusty Visher: “Dear Rusty, I’ve only taken your class for a couple of weeks, but despite that fact, you’ve brightened my day many times. Your notes on my assignments always make me smile and give me an inkling that you’re a kindred spirit. Keep on being awesome and sharing your light!” –Anonymous

To Ryan Ferree: “I really appreciate you helping me with math I didn’t understand even though it cuts into your lunch break.” –Tate Lillian

To Kursten Mason: “I am grateful for Sister Mason teaching me MLA style and how to make a proper 5 sentence paragraph. I am also grateful about learning about and reading the Children’s Homer and the Children of Odin. Those are the books I liked the best. Thank you for being a good mentor.” –Jerwin Centers

To Marie Withers: “I learned so much about different types of art and learning about the artists. I also am grateful for Sister Withers because she helped me to draw and paint better.”

To Ben Muhlestein: “I am thankful and grateful for my mentor Brother Muhlestein . He makes history interesting and fun. Brother Muharram helped me to learn about other places and times and other people. I really liked his class.” –Jerwin Centers

To Ryan Ferree: “I am grateful for Mr. Ferree teaching me math. He was really interesting and fun. I am grateful for learning about percentages and relationships in my math class.” –Jerwin Centers

To Ryan Ferree: “Dear Mr. Ferree, I like how you try to make math fun, and how you include the guitar. I also like how you sometimes make videos to help with math subjects. I am learning a lot, thank you! MERRY CHRISTMAS!” –Jace Swigert

And many more comments submitted for private delivery! Thanks students and parents, and keep the gratitude coming!