Parliamentary Procedure Training Program

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Learn how to start an organization, club or society, or improve your existing group with better procedures

“It is difficult to find another branch of knowledge where a small amount of study produces such great results in increased efficiency in a country where the people rule, as in parliamentary law.”                                                              —Henry M. Robert

This program is designed to provide a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure as described in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), 11th Edition, and to prepare individuals to take the Membership Exam of the National Association of Parliamentarians (optional).

Self-Paced and all online. Start anytime. Upon purchase, your groups has forever access. (This is not a live training.)

Organization Leaders, Members, Teachers and Students…

Enjoy slideshows, simple explanations, handouts, teaching instructions, and simulations, to create an engaging learning experience. Upon purchase of this program, users may print copies of handouts to use in instructing group members and students.

The Parliamentary Procedure Training Program covers the following topics:

  • The value of using good procedures
  • Steps for making and processing motions
  • How to conduct different forms of voting
  • Writing and revising bylaws
  • Officer elections and duties
  • How to record meeting minutes
  • Holding efficient meetings
  • Creating and using committees
  • Writing and adopting resolutions
  • Creating a new group with an effective mass meeting strategy
  • Information management and communication
  • Creating and maintaining policies and procedures
  • Managing group finances

Use this program to train group members and leaders as needed, or for an in-person class. Any member of your group can serve as the teacher for a class of youth or adults, by using this program as the class curriculum.

All group members may share online access to the program anytime!

Group Registration: $90