Mentor Interview Video: Laura Waite

Laura Waite, Mentor at Ensign Peak Academy

Laura Waite is our K-12 Language Arts Specialist.

Hear why she loves teaching her subject!

I love teaching literature and English because I believe that if you can learn to read you can learn to do anything. You can learn to fly a plane or cook a meal or build a house. And that’s really important to be able to learn the things that you want to learn.

I also believe that writing is super important. The better your English skills are, the more you can be a better communicator. We all have these amazing thoughts in our heads and we need to learn to get them out of our heads and communicate with others.

Hear why Laura loves teaching at Ensign Peak Academy!

I love working for Ensign Peak Academy because I feel like they’ve developed a curriculum that is relevant and creative and allows our students to work on their strengths while also improving their weaknesses.

I know that all schools want students to be successful, but I believe Ensign Peak Academy has developed an environment to help their students excel.

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