Mentor Interview Video: Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson is one of our High School English and Literature mentors. Hear why she loves teaching her subjects!

I love teaching, reading, and writing. So I’m kind of lucky that I get to teach two subjects. With reading I really enjoy being able to look at literature and analyze characters and find connections with them and looking at themes. I enjoy being able to relate to those and see how people around the world struggle with the same things that I do. I like being able to discuss that with kids and see how it relates to them as well. For writing, I love grammar, which is not everybody’s favorite subject. But I just love the way that you can look at language and how it connects and fits together. And it’s like a puzzle sometimes. Obviously, English is not always a puzzle, and we have a lot of exceptions to our rules, but it’s fun to be able to see all of that.

Hear why Heidi loves teaching at Ensign Peak Academy!

I love to work at Ensign Peak Academy because I get to take gospel principles and apply them to my subject. I used to teach in the public school system and I never realized how much I was missing not having the gospel there with me. And I also have the opportunity to teach seminary, and that’s where I really began to think, “Augh, I wish I could, like, meld these together.” And I found it! I get to put them together. And I think my favorite part is hearing the testimonies of these kids. It’s incredible. I don’t know what I would do if I was their age today. I think it’s a really tough world out there and we are being tried really hard, and they’re incredible. They’re so strong. They have great testimonies, and they lift me up. I’ve learned so much from them so I’m really grateful for that part of it.

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