Mentor Interview Video: Jennifer Barr

Jennifer Barr is one of our Middle School English and Literature mentors. Hear why she loves teaching her subjects!

I love teaching English and literature because I think they’re key components to communicating and understanding our world. Literature does so many great things for us. It helps expand our imagination, our vocabulary. It gives us a connection to the past. It helps us put our present in perspective. It gives us a link to our future. It can encourage empathy. It’s really one of the greatest ways that we can learn and understand the world around us: past, present, and future. And of course language arts goes right along with that because it’s necessary in pretty much every aspect of our lives: in our professions; in serving in the church; and our personal lives; to be able to effectively communicate in a written form. Even emails and things like that are still written communication. And that’s a big part of what the students will be experiencing in their professional and personal lives.

Hear why Jennifer loves teaching at Ensign Peak Academy!

I love teaching at Ensign Peak Academy because it gives students an opportunity to have a really quality education in a safe learning environment, and one that takes into account the necessary things that go on in life with families. It’s flexible. It encourages creative thinking. It encourages thinking outside of the box. I also really like that it incorporates the gospel. The gospel isn’t something that we just do on Sunday, so it makes sense that we would touch on that throughout our entire week. And secular learning is so important to our understanding of who we are as children of our Heavenly Father. It’s really fantastic that Ensign Peak includes that in its curriculum.

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