Mentor Interview Video: Ben Muhlestein

Ben Muhlestein is our Principles of Liberty mentor. Hear why he loves teaching his subject!

Well, I love teaching the principles of liberty, because there has never been a time in the history of the world where we need [more] to understand liberty. And I want these young men and young women to know what liberty is, and that’s what they get to learn about.

They get to learn about all the important principles, concepts and truths that are connected to liberty. We get to talk about George Washington. Who doesn’t like to talk about George Washington? We talk about Thomas Jefferson and his thoughts on liberty. James Madison and Thomas Payne… many of the greats who understood what liberty was. But not only did they understand what liberty was, they actually did something about it.

And so with everything that we talk about, I want the students to gain this knowledge. I want them to see it. I want them to feel it. I want them to understand it. And then I want them to act and to do and to be, because this is their time. This is their opportunity to be what God intended for them to be as they uphold and defend these great principles today.

Hear why Ben loves teaching at Ensign Peak Academy!

I love working for Ensign Peak Academy–because I love the environment. I love the other mentors. I’ve had a chance to mingle with and be around this incredible faculty the administration. They love the mentors. I know this because of the many interactions that I have had with them.

So I love being a part of the staff and the administration. But more than anything else, I love working for Ensign Peak Academy because I love these young men and these young women. They are important. They are needed, they are magnificent. They are gifted, they are talented. They are ready to receive what Ensign Peak has for them. I believe this is the place where they will find what they’re looking for here at Ensign Peak Academy.